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International Wine Competition   
 With 23 years of experience, the contest has been held since 1995 in the city of Santiago, the capital of Chile, the fourth largest wine exporter in the world.
Catad'Or Wine Awards is the most important international wine competition in Latin America. 
With 23 years of experience, the contest has been held since 1995 in the city of Santiago, the capital of Chile, the fourth largest wine exporter in the world.
Catad'Or Wine Awards has the high patronage of the International Organization of Vineyard and Wine (OIV) and the International Union of OEnologists.
In its 2018 version, it will evaluate and reward samples of still and sparkling wines, piscos and spirits from America and the world.
The Jury Catad'Or Wine Awards 2018
45 wine experts form de 14 countries
Alistair Coooper MW
Master of Wine
President of the jury
A new generation of Master of Wine begins to see and feel the world of wine with different eyes.

In order to bring the wines closer to a new generation of global consumers without prejudice, Catad'Or has recently appointed Alistair Cooper MW as president of the 2018 jury.

Denis Lin
Wine Writer
Denis Lin is a journalist wine writer and food in China is a judge at the Decanter Asia Wine Awards (DAWA). He holds the WSET level 4 title, has worked as a wine and food journalist since 2002, after serving as creative director in advertising , and is the author of "Tipsy Sketch" (Best winner of the illustrated book of the Gourmand Award 2016), "The beauty of acuteness" and "My notes of wine tasting".
Marcel Miwa
Wine Writer
Marcel Miwa is the wine editor of Prazeres da Mesa, the most important gastronomy and wine magazine in Brazil.

Eugenio Lira M
Technical Director at CWA 2018, Observer UIOE
Eugenio Lira M, agronomist winemaker, is president of the National Association of Agronomists Enologists of Chile, will be the technical director of the event, will be an observer of the UIOE (International Union of Oenologists), and will be responsible for ensuring compliance with the OIV rules by which the contest is governed.

Additionally, in order to ensure at all times the technical rigor and impartiality, Catad'Or Wine Awards will receive an OIV commissioner and a VINIOFED observer.

Following the OIV rule of three foreigners by tasting commission, in its XXIII version, Catad'Or Wine Awards 2018, convenes oenologists, masters of wine, professionals, specialized journalists and sommeliers, which make up a first level national and international professional judging team.

100% computerized contest
Catad'Or Wine Awards is a 100% computerized contest since 2008, this allows the jury to vote very easily, occupying its maximum concentration in wine or distilled, allows us to deliver valuable and confidential information to our users, and allows us to save statistics year by year, see the evolution of strains that are incorporated into the market, valleys, countries, and trends.
Benefits for participants

Each wine or participating product can access in its "private environment" to the detailed scores of its wine in each parameter of the evaluation. This will allow you to draw conclusions to improve and focus better in the different markets represented by the juries of the contest.

Each wine or participating producer can access the complete statistics of the contest, number of strains, number of samples per vine, by valley and country, in this way you can see the evolution year after year of the incorporation of new varieties and market trends

In addition to obtaining medals and diplomas, each participating producer may download from their company environment, a bilingual certificate of all their competing products, signed by the director of the contest to accredit the score obtained in the contest
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