June 9, 2023


CMU Checkoff

After a decade of block producers and industry leaders working on a Concrete Masonry Checkoff program to bolster the concrete masonry industry, on April 2, 2023, the very first assessment period began. The CMU Checkoff’s vision is to create a future where concrete block products are preferred among designers and builders. For more details visit the CMU Checkoff website.

Delegated Design of Masonry

Delegated design has been around for a long time in construction, but there has been a noticeable increase for masonry projects in recent years. Specific to structural design, “Delegated Design” is the transfer of design responsibility for certain aspects of the project from the Architect/Engineer to the Contractor. Here’s a good summary of this alternative design path: Structure Magazine

OSHA Launches Nationwide Fall Protection Initiative

Falls violations are the kind most frequently cited in OSHA’s construction inspections and are responsible for more worksite deaths than any other type of accident. On May 1st, OSHA announced a National Emphasis Program to focus on reducing fall-related injuries and fatalities for people working at heights in all industries. Read more about the new approach on how OSHA will do inspections. OSHA National News Release and ENR 

Subcontractors Spent $97B More Than Planned in 2022

According to a recent survey by a National Subcontractor Market Report, 57% of subcontractors saw a drop in profitability as they paid $97B more for materials and labor in 2022 than expected. ConstructionDive

Deadly NC Construction Site Blaze

Podium-style structures, the bottom story made of non-combustible materials like concrete, with upper wooden floors, like the one that ignited in SouthPark on May 18, are increasingly common in the United States. The five-alarm fire killed two construction workers. WBTV and Firehouse

Bank Failures Put Squeeze on Construction Loans

The lending environment has grown more treacherous after last year’s interest rate hikes and could dampen new starts by 60%. ConstructionDive


LOCALS 4 & 5

Apprentices - The Future of Our Trade

On May 20th at the BAC Local #4 Training Center in Fairfield, the BACNJ held their statewide Apprentice Contest. The four-year Apprenticeship Program is part of a proven model for developing a skilled workforce and is well regarded by suppliers and designers alike. Apprentices are required to attend related training classes, but Contractors also play a significant role in on-the-job training for their skills to progress. 

A total of 22 Apprentices from First, Second, Third, and Fourth year levels showed off their skills competing against their peers, with some fierce competition and very close scores! The winners, and their employers, are listed below. See the gallery of photos on our website.

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners below and the Contractors who employ them!

First Year  

1st Place: Nicholas Kirch - Shorelands Construction, Inc.

2nd Place: Michael Benitez-Santos - Knapp Masonry, LLC, Association Member

3rd Place: Vaughn Wilson - Not Currently Working

Second Year

1st Place: Pablo Zambrano Rivas - Blade Contracting, LLC

2nd Place: Robert Fugel - Force Concrete & Masonry Corp., Association Member

3rd Place: Guredeep Singh - Masonry Preservation Group, Association Member 

Third Year  

1st Place: Connor Clark - American Masonry Corp., Association Member

2nd Place: John Baumstark - Blade Contracting

3rd Place: Edward Guerreiro - Not Currently Working

Fourth Year  

1st Place: Brian Tighe - Force Concrete & Masonry Corp., Association Member

2nd Place: Andrew Spooner - Waterproofing Systems Northeast, LLC

3rd Place: Mike Connolly - Dooley & Kretschman, Association Member


CPR Class - June 14th - Still Time to Register!

The Association is holding a CPR, AED & Standard First Aid class, conducted by SAVE A LIFE, INC., on Wednesday, June 14, 2023 at the IMI/BAC Fairfield Training Center. The class is FREE to Contractor Members and their employees. It's not too late to REGISTER! Deadline is TODAY, Friday, June 9, 2023. Contact the Association Office for more information.




New Jersey Pathways to Career Opportunities: Aligning Education to Build an Innovative Workforce

This initiative, New Jersey Pathways to Career Opportunities: Aligning Education to Build an Innovative Workforce, brings together employers, industry associations, labor unions, education institutions, and workforce development partners to provide students, adult learners, and workers with the education and career pathways they need to find new careers to earn competitive wages, and to ensure that employers have access to a highly skilled workforce to meet critical labor market needs. The Pathways Initiative has created a statewide education ecosystem connected to industry and has over 1,200 education and industry partners since it started in December 2021.

New Jersey’s Workplace Literacy and Basic Skills Training Program

This free program is available to all NJ employers. The flexibility of the program is what makes this a dream come true – training is available through local Community Colleges and can be offered either on a Community College campus or held at a location of your choice when you have at least 10 employees participating. The attached brochure outlines the parameters of the program which include:

  • Technology training (such as MS Office products like Word and Excel),
  • Enhanced Business Skills (such as customer service, communications, and problem solving).

For more information, contact:

Stephanie Staub | (609) 392-3434 x111 | [email protected]

Director of Infrastructure & Energy Sectors Strategy & Workforce Partnerships

New Jersey Community College Consortium for Workforce and Economic Development


Masonry Camp – A Design/Build Experience for Architects and Craftworkers

Masonry Camp, one of IMI’s cornerstone programs, is a nationally recognized design/build experience for architects and craftworkers. In the 2023 session, recently held at the BAC/IMI John J. Flynn International Training Center in Maryland, 41 young architects and craftworkers teamed up for a weeklong collaborative of classroom lectures, team-building activities, and hands-on building exercises, culminating in the design and build of mock-ups. Read More

Masonry Contractors of New Jersey was pleased to hear that NJIT Masonry Design/Build Competition 2018 Alumni Mark Bolos was a Masonry Camper at the 2023 session! Like Masonry Camp, every year for 16 years from 2003 through 2018, Masonry Contractors of New Jersey held a Masonry Design/Build Competition at NJIT School of Architecture, now known as Hillier College of Architecture and Design, in Newark, NJ. The competition was part of the curriculum and an integral part of the students’ education there. Check out the past competitions on our website.

Mark is currently a designer with USA Architects, a member of our Association. He showed up at Masonry Camp wearing his NJIT Competition tee-shirt! Way to go, Mark! Read here what Mark has to say about his experiences with masonry, the competition at NJIT, and Masonry Camp.

Upcoming LU/HSW Webinars: Visit IMI's website for more AIA Accredited Programs.

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Principals of Masonry Estimating and Project Management - June 22nd

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