We get it.  Sometimes the problems of the world can seem so vast, we feel like it's impossible to make a difference as individuals.  That's the beauty behind the #GivingTuesday movement; now in its fifth year, this global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration has taken off and is having a real and measurable impact at the grassroots level.  

One person at a time, one contribution at a time, we are all standing up and our voices are being heard loud and clear! 
"We care about each other!!"

Kids First Center thanks you for your support.
Letter from our Director:

Your Generosity Matters,

It doesn't take much to give of ourselves.  A small but kind gesture can raise a person up. A small but generous donation can help to keep an essential community program going. At Kids First Center, every time you contribute your time, money, and support it helps keep us strong; your generosity allows us to educate and support families and children navigating difficult co-parenting, separation, and divorce challenges.

Your giving allows children's support groups to provide children with the emotional tools and skills to cope with their feelings of loss, pain, anger, and confusion. School-age children come to the Center to talk, to express themselves in a safe and free manner, and to share their experiences with other children. Giving children the emotional tools they need now helps them to become healthier adults later . #GivingTuesday

As a supporter, you know that to effectively help children we must also help their parents, during potentially the most painful time in a parent's life. The Kids First Center's parent education programs and resources offer them co-parenting skills and guidance - so that they remember to put the needs of their children first at this difficult time. Even when it's hard. Even when it's really hard.

We give parents the tools to be the best co-parents possible and to protect the hearts and souls of their children. But without your generous contribution, we cannot do this important work. Won't you please help our children and community by making a generous donation today towards our annual appeal?
Thank you for putting Kids First on this #GivingTuesday!


Nici Carbone
Executive Director


Kids First Program:
Dec. 3 - Portland, Kids First Center  (207-761-2709) Saturday,  8:30am-12:30pm
Dec. 3 - Augusta, KVCAP (207-859-1500) 
Dec. 10 - Biddeford, Kids First Center  (207-761-2709) Saturday, 8:30am-12:30pm
Dec. 10 - Belfast, Broadreach Family & Community Services (207-338-2200)
Dec. 10 - Lewiston, Advocates for Children (207-783-3990)
Dec. 15 - Portland,  Kids First Center  (207-761-2709) Thursday,  5-9pm

Similar Programs:
Dec. 3 - Rockland, The ParentWorks, Home Counselors, Inc. (207-596-0359) 
Dec. 10 - Ellsworth, For Kids' Sake (207-942-9329) 
Dec. 10 - Wiscasset,  The ParentWorks, Home Counselors, Inc. (207-596-0359) 

Tuesday, Dec. 6 - Portland, Kids First Center, 6:30 - 8:00pm

Saturday, Dec. 10 -  Portland, Kids First Center  (207-761-2709) Saturday,  8:30am-12:30pm

Mondays, 4:30-6:00pm - Portland, Kids First Center
Call for more information & to register! (207-761-2709)




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