6th Bi-Weekly Newsletter
  • It was so nice to welcome your children back on Thursday! We missed them!
Did you know?

*We do good deeds at NES through the Feinstein Good Deeds Program?
*We have P.B.I.S. Ambassadors (4th grade students) who have leadership roles at our school?
Scouting For Food is tomorrow and then our NES Food Drive begins Monday through November 14th ! Thank you for your any support you can give!
Lucy Caulkins Units of Study
Just reminding families, that this year we are rolling out the Writing units of study by Lucy Caulkins. Our teachers are participating in extensive professional development training on the new materials. Our students are learning about narrative writing the first part of the year. Areas in the learning progression include writing a lead, transitions, writing and ending, organization, elaboration, craft, spelling, and punctuation.

Dear NES families,

It has been a wonderful first couple of months at NES. I have enjoyed meeting all of my new students and can’t wait to see what the year brings.

 Band is in full swing! They have already showed a tremendous amount of growth since learning the basics of how to put our instruments together to now playing 3 or more notes. They are expected to practice 3-4 times a week for at least 15 minutes.

Chorus has been working hard on our songs. Our biggest goal in chorus is matching with our neighbors and singing in our head voices all while learning our lyrics. The 4th grade chorus has been asked to sing at the Festival of Lights (a permission slip was sent home, if your student needs another, I have more!).

Chorus members (grade 4) are excited to begin Friday recess practice for the month of November to work on our extra winter songs.  I hope you can join us on on December 3rd at 1:00pm at the Towers! Mrs. Hammell
Community Events:
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