December 1, 2020
Silicon Valley Clean Water Launches More User-Friendly Updated Website
New ADA Compliant Website Offers Online Permit and Job Applications 24/7
REDWOOD CITY, CALIF.—Silicon Valley Clean Water (SVCW) just debuted its more user friendly, ADA compliant website, featuring more online services, deeper content, and more engaging design.
"We've been innovating on a grand scale across our operations for years, and knew it was time to upgrade our website to better reflect our vision and Silicon Valley home," said Teresa Herrera, SVCW Manager. "We are really proud of its sleek, intuitive design, deep and engaging content, easier search capability and options for customers to apply for permits and jobs online.”
On the old website, customers had to print out permits and job applications, fill them out by hand and mail them in. Now these forms can be filled out and submitted online 24/7, making the process easier for customers, and more efficient for SVCW staff to process. The new design adds a search capability and easier navigation, making it a snap to find permit forms, including mandatory wastewater discharge, dental facility compliance report, residential septage and restaurant grease hauler discharge permits, and more. The revamped site also includes stunning professional photography, videography and content to educate readers about what SVCW does to inspire and educate the public. A News & Hot Topics page now keeps everyone in the know about the latest news and innovations at SVCW.
The new website also boasts full ADA and WCAG 2.1 compliance with an AI-powered accessibility widget. This will vastly improve the experience for customers with disabilities, including features such as:
  • Keyboard Navigation: Provides on-the-fly remediation of non-compliant elements into accessible, keyboard-navigable ones. 
  • Screen Reader: Supports over thirty different languages, native accents, and locales.
  • Font Conversion: Converts stylized fonts into legible fonts and font weights that are essential for visually impaired and dyslexic users.
  • Pause Animations: Stops animations, blinking and flashing content that distracts and may trigger seizures.
  • Light and Dark Mode: Offers high contrast light and dark color schemes for the visually impaired.
  • Reveal Page Structure: Quickly reveals page headings, landmarks, and links in a clear, structured, easily navigable, and accessible manner. 
To see the new website, and to learn more about SVCW, go to
Silicon Valley Clean Water’s mission protects public health and the environment by providing wastewater conveyance and treatment for reuse or disposal in a safe, responsible, efficient, and reliable manner. SVCW serves more than 220,000 people and businesses in our service area, supporting the cities of Belmont, San Carlos, Redwood City and the West Bay Sanitary District. SVCW has a strong commitment to customer service, fiscal responsibility, transparency, and regional partnerships.

By effectively treating wastewater at our advanced treatment facility, SVCW helps keep San Francisco Bay environmentally clean and safe. SVCW values environmental stewardship and innovation. Our approach recovers gas for energy to support the facility and cleans water that is released to the environment or reused as recycled water.

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Media Contact:
Jennifer Yamaguma
SVCW Communications Manager
(650) 780-7305