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New Film Exposes Family, Community Impact of U.S. Addiction Crisis

‘Fatal overdoses up 30 percent’

NASHVILLE, IND. (June 13, 2022) – While a number of states have settled with the drug industry in the opioid crisis, the impact of drug addiction still rages on. And a new documentary film – The Addict’s Wake -- focuses in on the people of one small town who, like those in so many communities across the nation, have felt the ripple effect of the addiction crisis in every corner of their county.

The feature-length film, which seeks to link communities to take action and find a pathway to hope and recovery, will premiere a virtual screening for the public from June 16 – 26.

“This film is a clarion call for community stakeholders to unite resources and ideologies to fight back against substance-use disorder at a grass-roots level,” said film producer, Lisa Hall, president of Glory Girl Productions. “It takes you alongside a community searching for hope and solutions on the long journey from addiction to recovery.”

With meth, heroin, opioid addiction and now with deadly fentanyl flooding in the United States, fatal overdoses of these drugs are up 30 percent across the nation today.

“While this film is set in the small community of Brown County, Indiana, it’s the story of almost every county – small, rural, large, urban and inner city – in the United States,” said Hall. “And this crisis hits every aspect of our society.”

The film shares interviews and perspectives not only from individuals and families impacted, but teachers, law-enforcement, courts, neuroscience professionals and faith-based programs.

The Addicts Wake has earned acclaim with the Audience Choice Award at the Heartland International Film Festival, in addition to winning the Sedona International Film Festival’s Independent Spirit Award. The film has also spurred grant investment to create a shorter film that can be used in classrooms to help educate students and teachers about the impact of Substance Abuse Disorder, or SUD.

The virtual screening admission is $15 per download, and advance tickets can be purchased now at Funds help to cover the cost of film distribution and will go toward the film’s second edit that Hall hopes to have completed by early 2023.

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