November 5, 2020
Mission: Communion of Saints Catholic School serves a diverse community and fosters life-long learners and witnesses to the Gospel who are committed to worshiping God and serving His people.
        Dear Parents,
              Thank you again to Mrs. Dempsey for organizing the Halloween Car Parade! The PTO volunteers created a festive atmosphere and had plenty of candy to hand out, thanks to all of your donations. This is once again, proof of what a great community this is!
              Report cards for grades three through eight are being uploaded to Digital Academy today. Please be sure to check your child(ren)’s progress there as you will not receive a hard copy. The new Standards-based Grading (SBG) report cards for K, 1, & 2 are being handed out in a hard copy as Digital Academy does not have that capability yet. I am very happy with the new SBG cards as they represent a more accurate description of skills and movement towards the reporting style of the future. Thank you to K, 1, & 2 for piloting this program within the Diocese.
              Speaking of improvements for the future – three additional Promethean Activ Boards have arrived, bringing the total number in the school up to seven. The Smartboards have needed to be replaced for a long time, and with the help of Alumni donations, we have been able to make those purchases. Your children will notice a higher quality projection and the teachers are thrilled with the additional capabilities the Smartboards never had. I look forward to the day when we can have a ‘live’ open house so you can witness the improvements.
              Next week celebrates Discover Catholic Schools Week! Mr. Cottos, with the help of Mrs. Wiggins, has planned many fun activities for the students. In addition, we are asking for donations for the Ozanam Center. Please see the list for what each classroom is being asked to donate.
              Thanksgiving is around the corner. Here is an excerpt from the same Cleveland Clinic article from last week, pertaining to the holiday:
“Making safe decisions
Virtual get-togethers are still the safest option. This is especially true if your plans include elderly family members or anyone with a chronic medical condition that puts them at increased risk for getting very sick from COVID-19. But if you’re considering attending an in-person holiday gathering, keep these factors in mind:
·       Where is it being held? If the activity is indoors, is it in a well-ventilated space where you can keep distance between yourself and others?
·       How many others will be there? Will others be following safety recommendations, such as wearing a mask?
·       What are community levels of COVID-19? If the gathering is in a community where spread is high, or if people are traveling from such areas, that increases the risk of infection and spread.
·       How long will it last? Risk of exposure to COVID-19 increases the longer you’re in close contact with others.
If you decide to attend, keep risk as low as possible: Wear a mask, wash your hands and keep a safe physical distance from others. Consider self-quarantining for 14 days beforehand.

Should you travel for Thanksgiving or another holiday?
Traveling increases the chance that you could get or spread COVID-19. Consider the risks and benefits it presents for you, your family and others. Keep in mind that it can be especially hard to stay the recommended 6 feet away from others in crowded airports and train stations.

If you decide to travel, wear a mask, wash your hands frequently and avoid close contact with others whenever possible. Be sure to check whether your destination has additional travel requirements or restrictions. In Ohio, for example, the state health department recommends that anyone arriving from states with high positive COVID-19 testing rates self-quarantine for 14 days.”
  We trust that you will keep us informed in the case of exposure to any of your family members.  The Communion of Saints School population continues to be free of infection and that is in part thanks to you for the safety measures you are taking outside the school and on weekends.  
Let us continue to pray for each other and for peace in the world!
Mrs. Whiteley
Thurs., Nov. 5 *Report Cards available on DA- Gr. 3-8
*Report cards sent home to Gr. K-2

Sat., Nov. 7 *Happy Birthday Ms. Creamer

Mon. Nov. 9 *Virtual PTO meeting- 7pm

Tues., Nov. 11 *Picture ReTake & Picture Day for Distance learners
LOST AND FOUND ITEM: There is an Under Armour (size Y/M) winter coat that was found in the parking lot at the beginning of the week. Please contact the office if you believe this may be your students.
There will be Virtual PTO meeting on Mon. 11/9 at 7pm. All are welcome to join in the Zoom meeting. Zoom links will be sent out on Monday. As an added bonus, if you join the meeting, your student(s) get to dress down the following day!
Report Cards for Grades 3-8 are available on Digital Academy. We will not be sending paper copies home. Please view through your parent DA page and sign online. If you are unable to access DA, please contact the school office via email:

Honors cards for grades 6-8 will be sent home in the Thursday folder.

Report Cards for Grades K-2 have been sent home in today's Thursday folder. Please check with your student. Report cards must be signed and returned in the envelope. Thank you.
PTO is looking for rooom parent volunteers for the following grades:
Second- Miss Powers room
Third- Ms. Creamer's room
Seventh- Miss Allaman's room

If you are able to volunteer please contact PTO -Cat Harrigan or the school office.

To benefit the Ozanam Center

Students are asked to bring the following items based on grade level:

PK & Kindergarten-
First- Bars of Soap
Second- Lotion
Third- Deodorant
Fourth- Shampoo
Fifth- Shaving Cream/Razors
Sixth- Dish Soap
Seventh- Detergent
Eighth- Spraycleaner/sponges

Items should be brought to student homerooms from 11/9-11/13.

*We ask that you give as you can. Donations are not a requirement to participate in Spirit Week Activities!
PICTURE RETAKE DAY & Distance Learner Picture Day- TUES., NOV. 11
In school students may have their school pictures retaken on 11/11. Students may dress up for the picture and must bring in the order they are returning.

Distance Learners ONLY : Please click the Picture Day link to sign up for a time to have your school picture taken. If you need a paper order form, please stop in the school office.

The best way to order school pictures is online. Go to: and use the ID code: EVTDKT9M6.
  • It is important for families who think they qualify to still submit the Free/Reduced Meal Application as student(s) status will affect any additional pandemic EBT funding that may occur this year! If you think you qualify, please conact the school office for an application- or Click the application pic on the left!
We have received word from the Cleveland Diocese and the USDA that all students will be able to receive free hot lunch through the end of the school year, regardless of financial status.

You will still need to complete the order from that is sent home monthly.

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