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What’s New?
Building Community
In a world that feels like it is coming apart, what if we could build community and create a greater sense of belonging? One of the most valued aspects of learning Focusing is the experience of community and belonging that begins to form as people open up and listen deeply to each other. Building a community which supports this growth and development is one of my goals for 2018.

A new website is beginning to take shape that will support my training program and Focusing in the Northwest . It will be a place to find training opportunities, Focusing partners, and to grow through learning and teaching. Imagine the possibilities!
Training opportunities
Certified Focusing Professionals Dawn Flynn, ND and David Martin, MD will be teaching a Focusing-related workshop in April at Bastyr University called “ Developing Healing Rapport. ” The class is an introduction to Focusing for those in health care professions including: physicians, nurses, bodyworkers, etc. Continuing Education credits will be available for all of the above.  For more information check out their event info here .

Focusing-Oriented Therapy One: (FOT-1)
Learning How the Body Speaks and Listening so it Heals
This essential first course of my training program will be offered in June, August, and October this year. This workshop will give you an opportunity to experience Focusing first hand and explore how it can support and enhance your existing therapeutic skills.

For dates and details please visit my website .
Focusing-Oriented Therapy (FOT)
Q & A:
Why isn’t Focusing more well-known?

Do you have a question about Focusing or how it is used in therapy? Send me an email with your question and I will respond.
Changing the World
A conference honoring the work of Eugene Gendlin
The first Felt Sense conference!
As a tribute to his life and work, a new conference is being cultivated at the anniversary of Gene’s passing. This conference will honor the synthesis of philosophy and psychology that was so central to Gene’s being.
To learn more and register for this conference visit The International Focusing Institute website .

A pay what you can online two hour class
The Third Age: Gathering our Wisdom for the Journey Ahead
With Joan Klagsbrun and Ruth Rosenblum
Explore the process of aging and examine how your accumulated wisdom will carry you into later life. For more information visit the registration page .

Joan Klagsbrun is also featured on the cover of this month’s (March/April) Psychotherapy Networker! She shares a short Q&A on aging wisely. You can read it here .

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