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May 2018
What’s New?
Updating Contacts and Staying in Touch
I am blessed to have people helping me update my website and contact list. It is a kind of spring cleaning, parting with the old and making room for the new. As we update my email list we want to make sure you want to continue to receive my newsletter. If not just scroll to the bottom and click safe unsubscribe. We will miss you!

Below you will find training opportunities, Brené Brown’s secret for overcoming failure, and other opportunities for changing the world!
Training opportunities
Focusing-Oriented Therapy One: (FOT-1)
Learning How the Body Speaks and Listening so it Heals
You have three opportunities to experience the power of Focusing in my introductory workshop this year: June, August, and October. Our work as therapists is tough, holding the experience of others while simultaneously navigating our own busy lives. What if you could invest your time not only learning a new therapeutic skill but picking up a practice that will support you personally at the same time? In this introductory workshop you will get a feel for how Focusing can both support you and enhance your therapy practice. 

For dates and details please visit my website .
Focusing-Oriented Therapy (FOT)
Q & A:
What did Brené Brown discover was the key ingredient to overcoming failure, and why is it so important to the process of change?

Do you have a question about Focusing or how it is used in therapy? Send me an email with your question and I will respond.
Senior African American woman with headache
Changing the World
Focusing with Pain: Embodying Healing
Beth Mahler, A Focusing-Oriented Therapist in New Jersey, talks about how she utilizes Focusing to help people overcome chronic pain. Read about it in the Focusing Institute's April newsletter .

10th International Children Focusing Conference
This year’s conference is titled, “The Children of Tomorrow” reflecting the immersive digital environment that increasingly defines our human experience. Details on the conference website .

Tender Loving Curiosity
One of my students, local psychotherapist Kara Hill, talks with a seasoned Focusing-Oriented Therapist about what makes his work so unique and fulfilling. Read the interview here .
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