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Although a bit cold and miserable at the moment it is lovely to see the snowdrops once again bursting forth. This year has been no exception. Hopefully Spring is on its way and with it comes an awakening of one's spirits and hopefully at this time some change for the good. I hope that you are all beginning to feel that you are permitted to go out and about and what better way than attending a course!!!!
This is a brief newsletter, featuring just Julia Triston, as I would like one or two more students to book on Julia's course. More details below.

But first lets have an appropriate poem for this time of year.

The cheek of it When winter still bites
And frost plays merry
And hardy hawthorn
Is stripped of berry
The snowdrops appear
Here, there, everywhere.

What care they
For Winter’s might
It is their time
In costumes white
Like ballerinas upon a stage
And smiling as if to say
You’ve had your time now go away!
Whose heart could fail
To share their joy
Or wonder at such delicacy
Such modesty, quietly gay
Yet breaking through
The hardest clay
To welcome spring and life anew.

Ken Bevan

21/22 February
'Between the Lines'
'Between the Lines'
21/22 February

As mentioned in the last newsletter Julia Triston has booked her flight from Denmark and IS COMING. There is still time if you want to book on her course.
Last year I was offering a self-study on line course called 'Inspired by Line and Tone' and this workshop that Julia is offering will follow on so well. Many of you did this course with me so maybe have another think and see if this two days away with Julia, in beautiful Shropshire, may suit your current needs.

Course Description
Effective use of ‘Line’ is one of the most important design considerations in textile art, and compositions have more impact when this element is expressed visually and intentionally. During this busy two-day course you will investigate ‘Line’ through a series of design and stitch exercises, and develop ways of working with papers, paints, fabrics and threads to explore this essential element. You will experiment with ink, collage paper and cloth backgrounds, then further embellish these with linear marks in print, hand embroidery and/or machine stitch. 
The emphasis will be placed on making lots of small samples to fill a sketchbook (some of which will be print or stitch ‘sketches’) which can be used as an aide memoire for future work, but there will also be scope to make a larger composition if preferred.

Please also look at my website for ALL courses, on-line courses and self-study opportunities.