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March, 2013 - In This NewsFLASH:
Impact of the MEF's CE 2.0 Certifications
"The real value of the CE 2.0 framework will ultimately be transparent to the enterprise customer. The deployment of advanced Ethernet services worldwide - including cloud-ready Ethernet implementations - this is really key."  
Erin Dunne, Director of Research Services
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What our analysts are saying...

Fiber Showing Steady Growth 

IT Business Edge
March 18, 2013


Level 3, tw telecom, other CLECs step up to Ethernet plate 

Fierce Telecom
March 18, 2013

Cable MSOs: A phoenix rising in the Ethernet industry 

Fierce Telecom  
February 28, 2013

Carrier Ethernet 2.0 Plays to Cable's Strengths 

February 27, 2013


Meeting Cloud's Demands 

CEN Feature  
February 12, 2013


How Ethernet Enables Cloud Connectivity 

Fierce Telecom
January 22, 2013 
Industry Voices article by Rosemary Cochran


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Carrier Ethernet Summit Highlights
Fireside Chat
Rosemary Cochran and Bob Metcalfe
Rosemary Cochran
conducts a fireside chat with Ethernet inventor and MEF Advisory Director Dr. Bob Metcalfe, following his keynote presentation. Their interview provides an enlightening review of past innovations, the next generation of Ethernet, killer apps and new types of internet traffic causing disruptive change. Watch video. 
CE 2.0 Certification Launch
Erin Dunne, Bob Mandeville, Nan Chen, Bob Metcalfe
Erin Dunne discusses Carrier Ethernet 2.0 with Iometric Founder & President Bob Mandeville, MEF Founder and President Nan Chen, and Ethernet Inventor Bob Metcalfe. In this video, Nan introduces the first twenty CE 2.0 awarded companies. Watch video. 
Roundtable: Carrier Ethernet and Wholesale Access
Erin Dunne chaired the Carrier Ethernet and Wholesale Access Roundtable to discuss the impact of CE 2.0, extending Ethernet to off-net sites, standardization vs. service differentiation, E-Access and Tier 2/3 providers.  Participants included representatives from Accedian, Ciena, Cyan, Transition Networks, RAD and the industry press.  

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