February 2023
Issue 105
In This Issue:
  • Meet T2 Instructor Adam Drummond
  • Safety Matters: FHWA's Intersection Safety Resources
  • Innovation Station: 2022 Creative Solutions Award Winner - Town of Simsbury's Protocols for Continuation of Essential Services During Pandemic
  • AASHTO TC3 - Free Learning Resources for Municipal Agencies
  • UNH T2 Center Webinar Replay Series
  • Innovations in Practice - Geosynthetics Mobile App
  • Transportation Committee Hears Testimony on Vision Zero Traffic Safety Proposals
Meet T2 Instructor Adam Drummond
Adam Drummond is the president of National Safety Services, LLC. He is responsible for the development and delivery of NSS’ nationally renowned Environmental, Health, and Safety training and field service programs. He has over 30 years of experience in the safety training, consulting, and products industry. His experience includes serving as director of Safety Training Services for a number of national consulting firms. Adam founded National Safety Services, an independent OSHA consulting firm, in 2006 and currently provides ongoing safety services to well over 150 clients. Adam teaches many different courses for the T2 Center, that include Work Zone Safety and OSHA 10 classes.
Adam began providing Safety and Environmental Training and Consulting in 1985. Adam is a Certified Safety and Health Official for both General Industry and Construction through the OSHA Training Directorate, as well as a Certified Health and Safety Technician. He holds numerous advanced safety-trainer certifications as well from the National Safety Council, the American Traffic Safety Services Association, and the OSHA Training Institute on topics ranging from Mobile Elevating Work Platforms, Powered Industrial Truck Operations, Fall Protection, Confined Space Operations, Personal Protective Equipment, Trenching & Excavations, Scaffolding, Certified Flagger, and Work Zone Safety. In addition to years of field work covering multiple industries and companies of all sizes, Adam is an authorized OSHA 501 General Industry and Construction Industry Outreach trainer. Adam has been widely recognized for his unique training skills, combining regulatory compliance and safety principles with real, “hands-on” life experience.

When Adam isn't busy teaching, he enjoys building furniture in his free time. He likes to build children's beds, desks, and kitchen table sets!
FHWA's Intersection Safety Resources
Intersections are a necessary and valuable part of a roadway network – they connect routes and allow access to different parts of a community for vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians. Unfortunately, traditional intersections also create conflict points for those users, accounting for approximately one-quarter of traffic fatalities and one-half of all traffic injuries annually in the United States. In Connecticut in 2022, there were 549 intersection-related serious injury and fatal crashes. Of those crashes, 48% occurred on local roads. The T2 Center’s Safety Circuit Rider program is in the process of completing intersection crash profiles for each CT municipality and they will be distributed soon.

The Federal Highway Administration's Office of Safety has an intersection focus area website that provides information on intersection safety data, appropriate intersection designs, and proven safety countermeasures. Additionally, educational outreach materials have been added to assist state and local agencies with intersection safety efforts.
The educational outreach materials are easy-to-understand, eye-catching documents that can be printed and shared at in-person meetings and events, or shared electronically. You can even save them to share on your social media!

There are three topics of focus:

Each link contains a PDF with two separate one-page documents that provide helpful information on the topic.

Intersections are a vital component of our roads and our communities, but they don’t have to be deadly. Check out the FHWA’s website for additional measures to improve intersection safety.
For more information and assistance with local road safety in your community, contact Melissa Evans, Safety Circuit Rider, at [email protected].
Federal Highway Administration, https://safety.fhwa.dot.gov/intersection/
Federal Highway Administration, EDC News Weekly Newsletter, July 15, 2021 “Intersection Safety Outreach and Education Products Available”
CT Crash Data Repository, https://www.ctcrash.uconn.edu/
2022 Creative Solutions Award Winner - Town of Simsbury's Protocols for Continuation of Essential Services During Pandemic
In 2022, we recognized three towns for their initiative and innovative thinking to increase safety, reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and improve the quality of transportation in their communities. This month, we will be showcasing the Town of Simsbury's Protocols for Continuation of Essential Services During Pandemic, which was named one of the 2022 Creative Solutions winners.
Why Was It Necessary? To our knowledge, this issue had not been faced by the public works community in modern times and knowing what a typical winter season was like for our area meant we had to come up with some way of keeping our trucks on the road while keeping our staff safe. We didn't know how COVID would spread in a public works facility where staff work and spend so much time in close quarters.
How Does It Work? Protocols were developed to address quarantine and isolation, as well as ample separation of staff in common areas. This included purchase of individual tent setups, renting of portable restroom facilities, and procedures for isolated work and equipment assignments.
How Does it Perform? The plan was very successful, creating a safe environment for employees and keeping the crew available for the winter season. Employees felt safe coming to work and those quarantined weren’t afraid to share that they were exposed.
Benefit to Your Operation: The Department will be keeping this plan in place for future seasons, regardless of the pandemic. The plan continues to develop with additional facets addressing accessing a broader pool of drivers and mutual aid opportunities with neighboring towns.

Cost Estimate: Under $100 per setup.
AASHTO TC3 - Free Learning Resources for Municipal Agencies
The FHWA Center for Local Aid Support, in partnership with the American Association of State Highway Organizations (AASHTO), is making available over 190 web-based courses free of charge to municipal agencies throughout the country. To access these learning opportunities, please use code:
For instructions on accessing the no-cost training, click here.

This Month's Featured Course:

Pavement Markings
This course covers the various types of pavement markings, including retroreflective beads, tape, paint, thermoplastic, resins, and markers. The course not only covers the details of the materials and their application, but also the fundamentals of line markings and pavement marking project considerations. There are nine modules that make up this course.
UNH T2 Center Webinar Replay Series
The UNH Technology Transfer Center (UNH T2) is offering several "replays" of American Public Works Association's Click, Listen, and Learns, as well as past New England APWA Chapter Connects sessions.

For more dates and information, click here.
Innovations in Practice - Geosynthetics Mobile App
The Federal Highway Administration and the Geosynthetic Materials Association have teamed up to provide a mobile application as a one-stop resource on the various types and functions of geosynthetic materials for use in road construction and maintenance projects.
The mobile app provides easy on-demand access to information whether you are in the office or at a construction site. The app is available in both the Apple Store and Google Play Store.
Transportation Committee Hears Testimony on Vision Zero Traffic Safety Proposals
On January 30th, the legislature’s Transportation Committee heard testimony on a package of traffic safety proposals including broader use of enforcement cameras in the wake of one of the deadliest years on record for Connecticut roadways.
The set of proposals come from an interagency panel called the Vision Zero Council, which is tasked with reducing traffic-related deaths. According to the group’s chair, Transportation Commissioner Garrett Eucalitto, the recommendations come at a critical time for Connecticut. 

In 2022, 239 motorists and passengers were killed in crashes while 75 pedestrians were killed by vehicles. Those numbers represent a 41.5% and 31% increase respectively over the last five years, according to Eucalitto.

To continue reading, click here.

To learn more about the Vision Zero Council of Connecticut, click here.
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