November 2023
Issue 114
In This Issue:
  • Safety Matters: Equipment Loan Program
  • Safe System Approach: A Conversation with Mark Doctor, FHWA (Video)
  • Local Traffic Authority 101 Training Launches!
  • Northeast UAS Peer Exchange
  • Using FHWA's Geosynthetics Mobile Application (Video)
  • NEAPWA Chapter Connects: Workplace Planning in Turbulent Times - Success Stories from Navigating Turnover (Video)
  • Happy Holidays from the T2 Center!
Equipment Loan Program

ADA Compliance Toolkit. This toolkit allows agencies to gather impactful firsthand experience to determine whether their communities are accessible. It can also be used to gather valuable information in the development of an ADA transition plan.

Pavement Marking and Sign Retroreflectometers. These tools measure the retroreflectivity of pavement markings and roadway signs to ensure they are visible to all roadway users and comply with MUTCD requirements. They can also be helpful in assessing and developing an inventory management system.

Traffic Monitoring Equipment. These devices allow for the accurate collection of traffic volume and speed data to assist in making informed decisions about your roadway safety needs.
If you’re interested in using any of our equipment, please fill out an equipment loan request, found here, or scan the QR code.
For more information on the Safety Circuit Rider Program, our equipment loan program, or assistance with local road safety, contact Melissa Evans or Jason Hughes.
Safe System Approach: A Conversation with Mark Doctor, FHWA (Video)
Donna Shea and Mark Doctor (FHWA) discuss the Safe System Approach and Traffic Safety Culture and how Connecticut LTAs can implement these approaches to reduce fatalities and serious injuries.
Local Traffic Authority 101 Training Launches!
The T2 Center created a Local Traffic Authority (LTA) 101 course to assist LTAs in meeting a new legislative requirement. In-person and virtual options will be offered each year. The T2 Center will also continue to offer our LTA Certificate Program to support annual training requirements and LTA professional development.
On November 6-7, 2023, the first in-person training launched with a full house of participants from cities/towns all over Connecticut. A virtual opportunity will also be held in December. The T2 Center team is very happy to be able to provide critical skills and knowledge to this important group of safety stakeholders.
Special thanks to the following members of the instructor team:

Attorney Richard Roberts – Halloran & Sage
Eamon Flannery – CTDOT Traffic Engineering
Ryan Pothering – CTDOT OSTA
Melissa Evans – T2 Center Safety Circuit Rider
Jason Hughes – T2 Center Safety Technical Associate
For more information on this program and some very helpful resources, visit our LTA website.
Northeast UAS Peer Exchange
The T2 Center partnered with CTDOT to host the Northeast Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Peer Exchange on September 27-28, 2023 to bring together drone pilots and program managers that utilize UAS to support transportation applications within their agencies. Over 50 attendees were present from the Federal Aviation Administration, Federal Highway Administration, CTDOT, MaineDOT, MassDOT, NHDOT, NJDOT, NYS Thruway Authority, RIDOT, VTrans, Northeast Local Technical Assistance Programs, CT Councils of Government, CT municipalities, and outside consultants. The two days contained in-depth discussions on the state of practice for each agency, as well as the current and future applications of UAS in transportation planning, design, construction, inspection, and emergency response. The information sharing and networking at this event provided opportunities for idea generation on future use cases, projects, and partnerships. 
To learn more about the Northeast UAS Peer Exchange, watch the video created by Vitalij Staroverov, CTDOT UAS Program Manager.
Using FHWA's Geosynthetics Mobile Application (Video)
The Federal Highway Administration has partnered with the Geosynthetic Materials Association to develop a mobile application that provides information on the various types and functions of geosynthetic materials in road construction and maintenance programs. The video provides a brief tour of the mobile application’s many features for use when conducting onsite inspections. The app is available at no charge in the Google Play and Apple stores.
NEAPWA Chapter Connects: Workforce Planning in Turbulent Times - Success Stories from Navigating Turnover (Video)
Has your organization experienced a case of the OH RATS! - Retirement, Attrition, Turnover, and Skill Shortage? Although you were personally thrilled for a colleague that announced a well-earned retirement, did your stomach sink at the thought of this beacon of knowledge leaving your organization? Does it feel like employees come and go faster than the latest TikTok challenge? You’re not alone. Hear how the Vermont Agency of Transportation, Lexington, MA Public Works Department, and the Connecticut T2 Center are supporting succession planning, leading internal development, and upskilling the workforce, from the front-line to leadership, in current and future employees. Even the smallest organizations need a thoughtful succession strategy and consistent efforts to build skill capacity across their teams!

This session is geared towards leadership and management, as well as those who plan and execute workforce development and talent strategies in their agency.
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