September 2022
Issue 100
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  • Welcome Shannon O'Loughlin
  • Get to Know Us, Meet the T2 Center
  • Safety Matters: Learn About the Safety Circuit Rider Team
  • Do You Follow the T2 Center on Social Media?
  • Read About Our NEW Green Snow Pro Program: Connecticut Institute of Water Resources Expands Groundwater Safety Efforts
Get to Know Us, Meet the T2 Center
Donna Shea
Mary McCarthy
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Lisa Knight
Custom Training Program, Safety Circuit Rider Program, Workshop Training Team
Regina Hackett
Social Media Manager, Traffic Signal Circuit Rider Program, Editorial Team, Promotions, Workshop Training Team
Shannon O'Loughlin
Green Snow Pro Program, Editorial Team, Workshop Training Team
Bethe Greene
Registration Manager, Workshop Logistics, Traffic Signal Circuit Rider Program, Workshop Training Team
Melissa Evans
Carolyn MacDonald
Learn About the Safety Circuit Rider Team
On October 1, 2022, the Safety Circuit Rider (SCR) program will begin a five-year reauthorization. The T2 Center is very pleased to have this opportunity to continue our good work with local Connecticut agencies. Since we have many new members of our Public Works, Engineering and Local Traffic Authority community, we wanted to reintroduce you to our SCR Program and our terrific team of professionals!
Why Are We Doing This Work?

Of the 21,000 miles of roadway in Connecticut, 82% are maintained by local municipal agencies. Over 50% of the serious and fatal injury crashes that occur in the state happen on these local roadways. To make significant progress in reducing the number of crashes, serious injuries, and fatalities in Connecticut, the safety along local roadways needs to improve.
The SCR Team

The Safety Circuit Rider (SCR) team includes Melissa Evans, Safety Circuit Rider, Lisa Knight, Educational Program Coordinator and Donna Shea, Executive Program Director.

Services We Provide

The (SCR) program is designed to provide safety-related information, training, and direct technical assistance to agencies responsible for local roadway safety.


The SCR program provides free roadway safety-related training to local agencies through our Safety Academy. Trainings cover many topics such as Sign Installation and Maintenance, Road Safety Assessments (RSAs), ADA, Safe Transportation for Every Pedestrian (STEP), Speed Management, Roundabouts and more. Melissa teaches several of our courses, and Lisa and Melissa also partner with guest instructors. Participation in these trainings earns credit toward our Safety Champion Certificate program. Our SCR also partners with the T2 general training program to teach classes in the Local Traffic Authority certificate program.
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Do You Follow the T2 Center on Social Media?
Along with our Facebook page and Instagram account, we also have a YouTube Channel. The T2 Center has many different social media resources you can utilize in your agencies.

On our YouTube page, we have the complete video library of the NE APWA Chapter Connects Webinars, along with informational sessions of our Coffee and Conversation program. On Instagram, we document our trainings and other good work we do throughout the state. Many of our Facebook posts are designed for you to just hit the "share" button so that you can get the information out to your residents. We post about national safety weeks, driver and pedestrian safety education, updates regarding state and federal laws, and much, much more.
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Read About Our NEW Green Snow Pro Program: Connecticut Institute of Water Resources Expands Groundwater Safety Efforts
Groundwater contamination is a growing problem in Connecticut, and Michael Dietz, the director of the Connecticut Institute of Water Resources at UConn, is working on multiple fronts to address it.
An educator at UConn Extension in the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources Department of Natural Resources and the Environment, Dietz has spearheaded major initiatives to understand and resolve this critical issue in Connecticut and regionally with the help of colleagues at UConn and partners across the state.
One of those initiatives – a small program offering reduced-cost well water testing to homeowners in the state – has received a $350,000 award from the U.S. Department of Agriculture that will allow Dietz to extend the reach of the program in rural communities. Dietz hopes to make the service available to 1,000 homeowners over the two years of the grant, a considerable increase from the 25 homeowners served by the program as of 2021.

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