The National Children’s Center (NCC) in Silver Springs, Maryland holds the belief that every individual they serve should have the ability to live, grow, work and thrive. The people they support through day and residential services are persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They are people with differing abilities as NCC describes them. 

Clients range in age from young children to adults in their 60’s. In years past this population might have been institutionalized. Now they have an opportunity through training and support to live at home or in supportive residential settings. They have a chance to acquire skills and knowledge based on their individual service plans as to what they are capable of achieving. Young children are educated in inclusive settings to help them reach their greatest possible potential.

 At NCC, regular training is provided that prepares individuals for employment. Job coaches guide individuals to work effectively in a job setting. Employment goals are outlined for clients based on individual disability and needs. Computer technology donations, staff are learning, can support low income family members of clients who live at home or provide new options for them for educational development and life skills learning.