February 2021

March 15, 2021 New Event:
(Save March 15, 2022 for our Third Annual Gala)

On March 15th 2021, we begin our new fundraising campaign, the “Masque-For-Aid” Challenge Campaign. Please make your annual gift to the Gargiulo Education Center during this alternate support campaign and we promise to bring back our highly anticipated and exclusive signature fundraiser, Table at Le Cirque, on March 15, 2022 at the Ritz Carlton Naples.

We need your support! The “Masque-for-Aid” challenge will be our major fundraiser this year in support of the students and families of the Gargiulo Education Center who work so hard to break themselves out of the cycle of poverty.

Thanks to several wonderful supporters, we are able to kick off the “Masque-for-Aid” Campaign as they challenge you to match their generous donations. At last years gala in 2020 we raised over $300,000, but please help us meet our 2021 goal of $250,000 which is essential to keep our programs thriving.

Check your snail mail and email next month. Information on how to participate in this campaign will be provided. “Masque-for-Aid” features wonderful and unique complimentary gifts created by the students of the Gargiulo Education Center along with a special surprise.
Mary Asta
Executive Director

Alex Miller

Alex Miller
Board President