"Our faith is a living, busy, active, mighty thing." -Martin Luther-
Sixth Sunday of Easter
May 9
Dear Members and Friends of First Lutheran Church, Poughkeepsie, NY:
You are invited to join us for virtual Sunday Worship on Sunday, May 9, 2021, the Sixth Sunday of Easter. Special thanks to our Worship & Music and Communications teams and heartfelt gratitude to Scott and Rosemary Compton for producing and posting our service video.
First Evangelical Lutheran Church
Sunday Worship Service
May 9, 2021
Below, please find links to download a PDF of the Order of Service and the text of the Sermon
All links and the Order of Service are also available on our Facebook page:
Bio for Rev. Christopher Mietlowski
The Rev. Christopher Mietlowski serves as Assistant to the Bishop of the MNYS/ELCA. Before joining Bishop Paul Egensteiner’s staff, Pastor Chris was a parish pastor, most recently at Gustavus Adolphus Lutheran Church in Manhattan, prior to that, at Dobbs Ferry Lutheran Church, in Dobbs Ferry, NY, and his first Call was to St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Easton, PA. A second-career pastor, he was the co-owner of R. Bird & Company, a graphic design firm based in White Plains, NY. Pastor Chris earned his M.Div. at The Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, PA, his undergraduate degree at SUNY Buffalo, and an Associate degree in Advertising and Design, Mohawk Valley, NY.
An active participant in the wider ministries of the MNYS, Pastor Chris served on the Synod Council, the Synod Candidacy Committee for two terms, was the Assistant Director of Pinecrest Lutheran Leadership School, a Board member, Evangeical Lutheran Education Association, Diakonia pastoral advisor and served as Assistant to the Bishop for Communications with Bishop Steve Bouman. His community service has included serving as Executive Director of the Open Arms Preschool, the Community Liaison for the Children’s Village in Dobbs Ferry, as a Volunteer Fire Chaplain for the Dobbs Ferry Fire Department and also the Volunteer Clergy Liaison for the 13th Precinct of the NYPD.
Pastor Chris has described himself as having: “…..passionate faith and trust in the Risen Christ and God's ability to continually transform communities. And a strong relational ability with a deep desire to serve the whole territory. I'm a collegial leader who loves building community and encouraging, equipping lay leaders to take on roles and responsibilities while sharing authority. I have fostered many strong partnerships with those in the church and beyond. I'm blessed with the Spirit's gifts of immense joy and hope. I'm willing to try new models, with the possibility of not succeeding. And then try again, to the glory of God. I have a love for people and letting them be exactly who God created them to be.”
The President and Council, Transition Team and Call Committee of First Lutheran has appreciated Rev. Mietlowski’s sensitivity and attentiveness to the gifts and needs of this congregation as we enter in to this interim period – and warmly welcomes Pastor Chris to our “virtual pulpit” this first Sunday following Pastor Deborah’s retirement.
Children's Worship Resources
From First Lutheran
The First Lutheran Family Fun & Fellowship Virtual Program led by Barbara Giangaspro takes place on Sundays at 4:00 pm each week. Please email Barbara at lwmcbg@optonline.net if your family would like to join the group!
From Metro NY Synod
Members and friends of First Lutheran with children are invited to download the free MNYS Children's App. To learn more, click, here: https://www.mnys.org/childrens-app/

Meeting and Fellowship Reminders
Council Meeting
Our council meetings will be held on the first Wednesday of each month for the foreseeable future. Our next meeting is Wednesday, June 9, 2021 at 6:30 PM. Pastor Koenig will be our coverage Pastor and has been assigned this responsibility by the Synod.

Pub Night
Our next FELC Virtual Pub Night will be Thursday, May 13, 2021 at 6 PM.  This will be hosted by Victor and Alison Matos. Watch for the Zoom invitation and invite a friend to join us!

Fellowship Breakfast
Enjoy breakfast and/or coffee together as we gather prayer petitions and check in with each other on Thursday, May 20, 2021 beginning at 9 AM. The breakfast will take place at the Acropolis Diner on Main Street. No reservations are needed.
Church Reopening
The Ambassadors for First Lutheran, Diane, Lorna, Nancy C., Scott, Eric, Nancy S., Lisa, and Alison, met on Tuesday, April 27 to discuss reopening. I presented to the council the Ambassadors plan to reopen on Sunday, June 6, 2021. The council approved our plan our meeting held on Wednesday, May 5, 2021. A few things:  

MASKS--must be worn at all times inside church whether you are vaccinated or unvaccinated. Masks must be worn properly and should cover both nose and mouth. Masks may be lowered to receive communion.

NYS GUIDELINES FOR HOUSES OF WORSHIP – These guidelines are being written and will be sent to you shortly.

SINGING—No singing for a few weeks. We will reassess at a later date.

COMMUNION—When we have a preacher who can administer communion it will be only one element, the host. We will have continuous communion instead at the communion rail.

ENTRANCES—Please enter through the parking lot door or Catherine St. Please read the sign on the door prior to entering. A person will be stationed at a table to ask you a few questions each Sunday and log you name and phone number for contract tracing purposes.  

SANITIZING STATIONS—Please ensure you sanitize your hands upon entering the church. The stations are located inside the church at the parking entrance and Catherine St. entrance. 

PEWS—Please sit in only designated pews. Other pews will be taped off. 

WORSHIP—Our service will look and feel a little different. We will be filming our service so it can be shared on our Facebook page and YouTube channel, our communion will be one element only, folks will need to stop at reception tables, you may not be able to sit in your pew, since we will be singing in the future, per CDC guidelines, seating will be 12’ apart, and masks must be worn at all times.  We will have a few bumps in the road but we will be together and experiencing worship inside our beautiful sanctuary.  

COFFEE HOUR—No coffee hour for a while.

PARKING—I know that parking has been a concern since our lot across the street now has apartment buildings. Available parking—our lot, the other side of the municipal lot right next to the apartments, Security Supply lot, and two lots on Catherine St. One lot is owned by the city and leased to Family Services. This lot is a short distance from 45 Catherine St. The other lot is located at the law firm of McCabe, Coleman, Ventosa and Paterson at 42 Catherine St. Both lots are very close to the church and folks can enter the church on Catherine St. There are a few other lots around yet to be explored. We will continue to investigate. 

Thanks for your patience as we move forward to open our church! See you inside our church on Sunday, June 6, 2021. 

Many blessings!
Nancy S.
Council Message - May
May is a pretty month. It is the growth period when trees are flowering, starting new leaf growth, flowers and flowering shrubs are really starting to produce a phenomenal color palette. Artists change their focus from silvery, shimmering winter snows and grey branches. Sunny, warm days open to outdoor activities and soaking up the energy giving rays from the sun is a welcome change to the indoor ambient lighting.
While I love the fall, because I was born in October, I am partial to this colorful period that will eventually lead to beaches and pool time. I consider myself as a highly creative person and enjoy making flower arrangement wreathes as gifts and enjoy the plants that are growing in my home. Not a great gardener, I get such a thrill when the African Violets bring forth their blooms and if my orchids finally bud, I could sit and study them all day.
When I checked Wikipedia about the month of May, I was saddened by all the terrible events that happened over the years. World War I and II battles; The Watergate scandal; airplane crashes; earthquakes; mass shootings; Vietnam war protests. May is sometimes not a pretty month, but truly it is what we make it.
The past is past and only truth we know is that May will return every year with new growth, larger flowering bushes, and colorful flowers. May will also welcome new babies with happy parents, be they human babies or fur babies. It all brings happiness, color and thankfulness to our lives.
Soak up the sun, stop and smell the flowers, look up to the cerulean blue sky and thank God for the gifts he gives each day.
Linda C
Mother's Thought - By Deacon Peter Slingerland
I am reminded of all my mother has given me as her child. I am reminded of her day to day love with every step in life I took. She was always there and reminded me that she would always be there in my life. Not only did she show me how to take care of my life but she taught me how to make it better. She showed me how to be a better person showing love to people important in my life. But one of the biggest displays of love she showed me was how to love Jesus in each step of my life. She showed me how to find God's love when things were not going well or losing someone close to me in my life. Her example of love was the first church I ever had. She felt that God's love was always present in everything I did and experienced. You see, the work of the church was love and she was the perfect example for me to find it in everyday of my life. On Mother's Day, there is nothing I can give her because she was always carrying it with her. It was her love that is still all over me as a Christian, and as her child. May God always bless your mother as she has blessed you in your life. Happy Mother’s Day to all Mom’s of FELC! 
Lutheran World Relief - Help for India

If you can send a donation to LWR to help our brothers and sisters in India, please click the link above. God bless you for your kindness!
As the healthcare system in India nears total collapse, the scenes are heartbreaking — families holding sick loved ones in the street, having been turned away from hospitals. Smoke from makeshift crematoriums billowing into the sky.

LWF is directing emergency resources to get critical aid to hospitals in India, but our funding is stretched thin.
Right now, your compassion will deliver oxygen, ventilators, pulse oximeters and personal protective equipment to hospitals across India.
Because I know you care deeply about the well-being of all God's children, I urge you to please send the best gift you possibly can — to make sure your neighbors in need get the support they need to survive.
With love and a grateful heart,

Daniel Speckhard, Ambassador
President and CEO-LWR
Pastoral Care
Pastoral care is being coordinated by our First Lutheran Shepherds, who will refer FELC parishioners to Pastor Arlene Wilhelm, Deacon Peter Slingerland, Rev. Jeff Koenig, or Pastor Chris Mietlowski, Assistant to the Bishop MNYS/ELCA in cases of serious pastoral emergency. If you are not sure who your Shepherd is, please contact:
FELC President, Nancy Slingerland at Email: President@firstlutheranpok.org
Nancy Compton at Email: NLCompton59@gmail.com
or leave a message for either at the Church Office phone: 845-452-6050.
May Birthday List
05 Oliver Kai Nicoll
05 Barbara Giangaspro
15 William L. Nicoll
19 Emily Giangaspro
20 Addilyn Rutter
21 Alison Matos
24 Kaylee Hawks
Saturday Pick-up Dinners at Germania
For those who are interested in supporting Germania while enjoying a delicious meal each week, please consider ordering Germania's Saturday pickup dinners at Germania. Sylvia Reuter is the contact person and her email address is sylvreuter@gmail. com. Her phone number is 914-882-0307. The dinners are very reasonably priced and include entree and dessert. They also have apple strudel available for an additional cost. You must contact Sylvia by Friday to order and to tell her when you will be picking up on Saturday (between 4-7 pm). You can pay by check or by credit card. When you arrive at Germania on DeGarmo Road, drive to the front of the club and someone wearing a mask and gloves will bring you dinner(s) to the car.
Sharing our Offerings
We offer with joy and thanksgiving what you have first given us - ourselves, our time, and our possessions, signs of your gracious love. Receive them for the sake of him who offered himself for us, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. (LBW, Offertory Prayer)
Simply Giving online giving is available for donations:
1) Go to https://my.simplegive.com/app/giving/Firs9999156 -or- go to https://firstlutheranpok.org/ and click on "Donations" at the top of the home page.
2) Under Fund click on Choose a Fund --> General Fund
3) Type in Amount (check box for recurring if desired -- you'll be prompted to set up an account)
4) Choose Credit card or Bank Account
a) Credit card incurs 2.5% fee to the church
b) Bank Transfer incurs 1.0% fee to the church
If you have any questions, contact Chris Collins at ccollins38000@gmail.com
And Finally, Always Remember...
"Nothing can ever separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus!"
First Evangelical Lutheran Church (ELCA)
325 Mill Street, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
845-452-6050 (Church)

“As members of God’s family in mission together, we are part of the whole complicated, colorful spectrum of God’s creation in all its diversity, practicing our faith and putting it into action as we strive to make a difference, in big and small ways, through God’s grace.

We recognize that we are all called to be one body with many members, from infants to seniors. We welcome people of all races, ethnicities, shapes and sizes; of every marital status, political affiliation, socio-economic status, sexual orientation and gender identity or expression; of different faith traditions, different physical, mental and emotional abilities, and those in recovery or struggling with addiction.

We know that no matter who you are, Jesus accepts you, and so do we.”