Summer is here! As the end of the 2017/2018 school year came to a close last month - lockers cleared, exams done, grades posted and proms held - the Linked Learning Alliance was privileged to be part of some very special Senior celebrations!

What an honor it was to award the 2018 Linked Learning Scholarship to five outstanding students from across California, and to offer financial support for them to pursue their post-secondary dreams. I hope you will join us in congratulating each one of these amazing young people for their hard work, persistence and dedication. May they continue to thrive and blossom into the future leaders of California and beyond!

Anne B. Stanton
President, Linked Learning Alliance
July 10, 2018
Over the next few weeks, the Alliance will be featuring each of the 2019 Linked Learning Scholarship awardees  in a series of blog posts. You can also read our press release announcing the winners  here

Below are the first two parts of our "Get to Know the Scholarship Awardee" series:

California Governor Jerry Brown recently signed the 2018-2019 budget, which allocated over $300 million in ongoing funding for Career Technical Education and career pathways. The CTE Incentive Grant Program has been made permanent with $150 million earmarked annually for qualifying local education agencies. $150 million in annual funding is appropriated to a new K-12 component of the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office's Strong Workforce program, with an additional $14 million for technical assistance. The budget also sets aside $10 million in one-time funding for a new STEM Pathway Grant Program, also to be administered through the Community Colleges Chancellor's Office.

Read the Alliance's response to the $300 million budget deal struck just prior to the governor's signing here. If you have any questions, contact the policy team at
LLA's Director of Analytics, April Eldahaby, talks with teachers at San Diego Unified.

Every summer the Alliance participates in institutes and professional learning workshops held by districts that offer Linked Learning. District institutes serve as a meeting time for staff reflection and planning for the coming year. This summer, the Alliance visited Los Angeles Unified, San Diego Unified, and Carlsbad Unified help teams prepare for the Gold tier of Linked Learning Certification. Linked Learning Certification is a resource for the field that incentivizes  and validates quality implementation of Linked Learning. There are already 570 pathways across 20 states, 99 districts, and 48 counties pursuing Certification!

The Alliance team will join institutes in Porterville Unified and the Tulare-Kings Consortia in the coming months. There is still availability for a team from LLA to participate in local institutes or teacher preparation days this summer. So if you are interested, please contact .
Starting in July,  Linked Learning Analytics will have a new and improved dashboard for districts! Linked Learning Analytics helps districts track pathway improvements and outcomes through interactive data visualization dashboards to help users dig in and understand their data. With this update, districts will have access to more data about their pathways, schools, and districts in one place.

This scatter plot shows SBAC proficiency in ELA on the Y-axis compared to SBAC proficiency in math on the X-axis, with Linked Learning pathway students in green and non-pathway students in purple. For more information about how to access your district's data in Linked Learning Analytics, please email

The Alliance wants to expand the number of courses that incorporate Linked Learning signature elements, and meet the requirements to be approved as both both a-g and CTE.   Courses that meet the criteria will be submitted for approval to  the University of California Office of the President (UCOP) as a Linked Learning course, which would be publicly available on the Linked Learning Course List website for any Linked Learning pathway to use.

Click here to learn more.

Funding Opportunity for STEM related Linked Learning Pathways!

A new grant program, "Pathways to STEM Apprenticeships for High School CTE Students" was announced by the US Department of Education May 18. To find more information about the grants, including a webinar for prospective applicants and deadlines for submissions, visit the Perkins Collaborative Resource Network website.

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