October 2015                       Issue 17
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Congratulations Graduates!
Winter Operations Survival Lessons
Vernon Wins Big at the CASHO Snow Plow Roadeo
Tips from Tony
Be Prepared for Winter Driving
Tips from Tony - Answers
Congratulations Graduates!

Road Master Graduates
  On October 22, 2015 we honored 152 transportation professionals who completed our programs. This was our largest T2 Graduation Ceremony in our 33 year history.
Road Scholar Graduates
We could not be more proud of each and everyone of our graduates!
Programs Completed
  • Public Works Academy
  • Road Master Program
  • Road Scholars Program
  • Legal Traffic Authority
  • Transportation Leadership Program
The T2 Center's website will be updated soon with the graduates names, programs and more photos. Stay tuned! In the meantime please visit the T2 Center's Blog to view a copy of our 2015 Graduation Guide
Winter Operations Survival Lessons 
10 Procedures to follow in establishing efficient, effective and safe winter operations.
Being prepared to handle a winter storm is essential. But how do you get prepared? Let's look at some survival lessons for a successful snow-fighting program.
Survival Lesson #1: Establish a Local Advisory Committee.
You need to get the community involved in the decision-making for snow-fighting policies such as service levels and expectations. Having a part in the process, the group will buy into the program and be educated about the winter operations program. Members of the committee also can help disseminate information and provide valuable evaluation and feedback.
For all 10 survival lessons click here.
Vernon Wins Big at the CASHO Snow Plow Safety Roadeo!


Vernon CASHO

The Connecticut Association of Street & Highway Officials held their 32nd Annual CASHO-CIRMA Snow Plow Safety Roadeo on October 15, 2015.


Jeff Schambach and his Crew from Vernon came out as the top winners for this year's competition. "The roadeo is a safety and skill test for the drivers. One of our employees said "it allows us to really show our skills and ability that we have obtained over the years"" - Jeff Schambach


To learn more about the competition and hopefully get inspired to enlist in this important educational event, please visit CASHO's website.

Tips from Tony ~ What's Wrong with this Picture?

Look at this picture closely. There are 2 mistakes that have been made here. Find the answers at the bottom of the newsletter.
  Tony What's Wrong #1
Be Prepared for Winter Driving

 Driving in the winter can be harrowing, especially where blizzard and icy conditions crop up seemingly out of nowhere.
Here are some tips to help keep you safe during winter driving from the National Safety Council.
Tips from Tony - Answers 
  1.  Signs are not allowed to be mounted on utility poles.
  2.  Stop signs should be placed where they are needed not where a pole or structure already exists.
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