September 2014                      Issue 6
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Interested in Doing a Road Safety Assessment in Your Town?
TLP Presentations Will Become Resources for All
T2 Center Expands Equipment Loan Program
Town Spotlight: South Windsor
Info To Go: Worker & Workplace Safety
September is National Preparedness Month
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  Will YOU Be This Month's Winner?
The first person to take our Basics of a Good Road Quiz (featured below) and email us with the correct answers will win a free spot in a T2 Training of their choice and be featured here in next month's newsletter! 

Answers to Last Month's Quiz
Last month we featured a quiz about backing safety and offered a free training to the person who sent back all the correct answers first. Although there was not winner, we will continue to offer a free training each month to whoever completes our game first. Click here for last month's answers and make sure to try our quiz this month to win a free training!
Interested in Doing a Road Safety Assessment in Your Town?


Of the 21,000 miles of roadway in Connecticut, 82% are maintained by local municipal agencies. To make significant progress in reducing the number of crashes, serious injuries, and fatalities in Connecticut, the safety along local roadways needs to improve. The Safety Circuit Rider Program at the T2 Center is a resource your town can use to assess the safety of your local roads and come up with solutions to solve safety problems. To schedule an appointment for our Safety Circuit Rider to come do a Road Safety Assessment in your town, contact Tony Lorenzetti.

TLP Presentations Will Become a Resource for All

On September 18th, another round of Transportation Leadership Program (TLP) participants presented their Capstone projects to their peers. The projects from the TLP participants were full of such amazing resources that we decided they had to be shared. The T2 Center will be building a new page on the T2 website to house all of these resources for anyone who might be interested in learning about new and innovative ideas. Stay tuned for more updates on this page in the next few months!
T2 Center Expands Loan Equipment Program
The T2 Center is expanding its loan equipment program to include more tools than ever before. All equipment can be loaned to local transportation agencies free of charge. Some of our newer tools include:
  • Manual Traffic Counter
  • Ball Bank Indicator
  • Range Finder
  • Digital Level
For a full list of items available for loan, please visit the Technical Assistance page on our website. Not sure which tool is the right one for the job? Contact our Safety Circuit Rider Tony Lorenzetti for assistance.

Range Finder
Ball Bank Indicator
Town Spotlight: South Windsor
In our last issue we shared information about using social media in your town. Since then, some towns have started social media pages of their own! This month, we would like to congratulate the Public Works Department in South Windsor for starting their Facebook page! Click here to visit their page, and "Like" them to see their pictures and posts. Feel free to also follow our T2 Center Facebook page and share any of our safety posts. Does your town have a social media page or special project you'd like us to highlight? Email us and let us know!
Info To Go: Worker & Workplace Safety
T2 INFO TO GO is a regular feature of the Connecticut Technology Transfer printed newsletter that highlights how to access selected materials and resources you'd like to take away with you.  In this issue, we focus on Worker and Workplace Safety.
September is National Preparedness Month
September is National Preparedness Month, and the T2 Center has plenty of resources to help you be prepared for the storms that may come this winter season. Visit the Emergency Response Resources for Public Works page on our website to access emergency response training resources, safety briefs and helpful online resources so you and your crew can be as prepared as possible for the upcoming season.
Win A Free Training! Be the First to Submit This Basics of a Good Road Quiz!
There are several key principles that make a road good. How much do you know about the basics of a good road? The first person to correctly answer all of the questions in this quiz and email their answers to [email protected] will win a free spot in T2 training session of their choosing for themselves or someone in their department!
We Want Your Pictures!
(Rte. 201 in Griswold, Submitted by Mike C.)

Here at T2, we have a constant need for pictures for both promotional and education projects. We would love all of our pictures to be of Connecticut places, and we need your help! If you have a picture of your crew, team, public works project or vehicles or just a beautiful image of a road in your town, we would love to see it! Please feel free to email your pictures to Nicole at [email protected].
If you have any ideas or suggestions for future Connecticut Crossroads topics, please feel free to email the designer Nicole Creaturo at [email protected].