April 2015                       Issue 12
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Rollover Safety When Mowing
Creative Solutions Award
Leaders Making a Difference
Tips from Tony
Thank You- Superpave Show & Tell
CT Safety Academy - Safety Analysis Training
NEW! Special Events Roundtable
Rollover Safety When Mowing


As the weather warms up, job duties will begin to change from snow and ice removal to
construction and maintenance. This article on mowing safety discusses how to prevent rollover injuries and ensure that your rollover protection structure is properly equipped and ready to use. Want some quick mowing safety tips to share with your crew? Check out our Safety Brief: Mowing Safety Tips.

Creative Solutions Award Program Accepting Submissions for 2015


Spring has sprung and it is time for this year's Creative Solutions Award Program. Have you found a way to save time and money for your department? Did you come up with a new tool in your shop this winter? Have you figured out a way to do something more safely or efficiently? If the answer is YES then we want to hear from you! Submit your innovation to us for entry into the 2015 Creative Solutions Award Program. Click here to download our submission form and check out past winners.

Leaders Making a Difference

After last month's tragedy involving the death of David Ridzon, the public works community showed just how quickly their departments respond in an emergency situation. Thomas Roy, Public Works Director for the Town of Simsbury and Timothy Webb, Public Works Director for the Town of Ellington showed what a difference strong leadership can make in such a circumstance. Thank you to Tom and Tim for arranging a beautiful tribute for their fallen comrade, and being leaders in the public works community.
Tips From Tony: Object Markers


Object Markers can be utilized to 

warn motorists of obstructions that are located within or adjacent to your roads or where a road ends.  They can be helpful in warning drivers of a special roadside condition.

Information on Object Marker Design and Placement Height is located in Section 2C.63 of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). "Type 1, 2, and 3 object markers are used to mark obstructions within or adjacent to the roadway. Type 4 object markers are used to mark the end of a roadway". Object Marker types are shown in Figure 2C-13.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions,

 Anthony A. Lorenzetti, P.E.
CT Safety Circuit Rider
Thank You to Superpave Show & Tell Instructors and Participants

Thank you to everyone who participated in our recent Superpave/Marshall Mix Show and Tell held here at the T2 Center. In total, we held 4 sessions for 115 participants representing 53 agencies. We'd like to give a special thanks to Jim Mahoney for leading these sessions and John DaDalt for giving demonstrations in the Connecticut Advanced Pavement (CAP) Lab.  

Sign Up for CT Safety Academy - Safety Analysis Training

There are still openings in our 
upcoming Safety Analysis Training so don't miss the opportunity to attend!  This training is a part of our CT Safety Academy which provides educational programs at NO COST to our local agencies. 


It is difficult to make sound decisions about improving the safety of your local roads without the ability to analyze safety data. This training will help you by providing tools you can use to determine crash reduction costs and benefits. Please attend our Safety Analysis Training and get the knowledge you need to make informed safety decisions. Click here to register now.
NEW! Special Events Roundtable

Fun Runs, Rallies and Festivals - does your department have a process in place for when these events pop up? At this roundtable, leaders from municipalities who host these events, and leaders from surrounding municipalities who are impacted by these events will discuss best practices and answer questions about how to manage resources for a special event. Click here for more information.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for future Connecticut Crossroads topics, please feel free to email the designer Nicole Creaturo at [email protected].