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Did you know it is unlawful for a notary to provide documents to be notarized for clients?
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             New Notarization Laws Effective
                          January 1, 2013 


Two new laws regarding the Journal Thumbprint and the Proof of Execution have emerged for the new year; along with one Clarification

   1. A journal thumbprint must be taken for ALL documents regarding real property, including will and trusts. Best Practice: Get a thumbprint on all notarial documents.

   2. Proof of Execution allows one to sign for a signer in certain situations. The new law requires that on ALL real estate involved transactions, the original signer must be present. Best Practice: One should sign their own documents concerning real property.

   3. Clarification on correcting notarial mistakes on certificates (dates, county, name mispelling, etc;) is no longer allowed. The notary and signer must reappear and a new notary must be performed. Best Practice: Recheck the documents before leaving the signing.

'Notarial Evidence' Forms Introduced for 


Notary Signing Agents (NSA's) are beginning to see a new recordkeeping requirement at loan closings, as one financial institution applies a key regulatory standard arising out of the foreclosure crisis and housing market collapse to the origination of new loans.


At least one major lender has started requiring NSAs to complete a "notarial evidence" form with mortgage packages. The form includes a section to record the notary's name, commission number, expiration date, the names of all signers at the loan signing appointment, the method used to identify them, and the loan number. It also includes descriptions of each loan document notarized and the date, time, and type of notarial act performed.


The "notarial evidence" form is completed separate and apart from the NSA's journal entries for the loan documents and sent in with the signed loan documents and other stipulations from the loan signing.


The historic National Mortgage Settlement reached in February between the government and five major banks servicing mortgages requires the banks to keep records of all notarial acts performed on foreclosure and other mortgage servicing documents.


 According to the National Notary Association (Nov. 2012), the "notarial evidence" form is the first evidence of the loan servicing reforms being extended to the origination side of the mortgage industry, a trend industry observers expected would take place. 


Proposal May Force Banks to Outsource
Proposal May Force Banks to Outsource Proposed new mortgage servicing rules designed to protect homeowners could force many financial institutions to outsource some of their mortgage operations.
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau propsal would require servicers to speed up processing loan modification requests. Servicers also would be prevented from moving forward on foreclosures until decisions on those possible modifications are made.
These efforts are likely to present a bottleneck for many financial institutions, which will need to rely on third-party service providers to handle many mortgage accounts (NNA, Nov. 2012).
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All articles originate from the National Notary Association,

a reliable source for news regarding notary information and mortgage updates.  

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