Habitat Press 2.0 | Vol. 2
August 31, 2020

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The pre-application process for our Homeownership Program is OPEN NOW!
The pre-application process is finally open! We are so excited to begin the process of finding another deserving family for our homeownership program! The pre-application process will be open from August 24 through September 25.
Steps to begin the pre-application process:

  1. Read the Habitat for Humanity of Denton County Homeowner Qualifications & Guidelines to determine if you and your family qualify for the program. You can find these guidelines here.
  2. If you qualify, fill out the Mortgage Counseling Questionnaire. Request this form by emailing Nancy Rodriguez at nancyrod@hfhdentoncounty.org or pick one up at our office.
  3. Return the Mortgage Counseling Questionnaire with a non-refundable $25 money order by September 25 by email to nancyrod@hfhdentoncounty.org; or in person to the Habitat Denton County office at 1721 N Carroll Blvd Denton, TX 76201; or by mail to P.O. Box 425 Denton, TX 76202.

Questions? Contact Nancy Rodriguez at nancyrod@hfhdentoncounty.org or (940) 484-5006, ext. 9002.
Service Spotlight: The Bryan Davis Group
We're highlighting the Bryan Davis Group for this issue's Service Spotlight! Bryan Davis has helped Habitat for Humanity of Denton County immensely in acquiring residential land on which to build homes for our families in need of affordable housing. He has offered countless hours of advice and professional help, saving us thousands of dollars!

Davis has been a licensed Realtor since 2008 and has been working with Habitat on a pro bono basis since 2018. He is currently regarded in the top 1% of all real estate professionals in the United States and has consistently been the top individual agent and top team within the Keller Williams Market Center. He has been the number one agent since 2015 and expects to transact between 85 and 90 real estate transactions in 2020.

Davis says: "The work that Habitat does in the community is unparalleled. I am glad to be able to assist the organization with the acquisition and sales of residential land throughout the County."

Thank you, Bryan, for your service to Habitat for Humanity of Denton County!
Why the 8-acre Habitat Housing Development?
To best communicate the significance of this 8-acre Habitat Housing Development, we asked three members of our Board and Build Committee why they felt led to be a part of this project and why they believe the 8-acre development is essential for families in Denton County!

Jerry Morgan, long-time volunteer and Build Committee member, has been involved with the 8-acre project since the very beginning. He is so excited for the 8-acres: "I've been the leader on several homes, and made pretty good friends with many of the families. It'll be real rewarding to see it all happening on a much larger scale. That's why I've been so involved with the 8 acres. It'll be rewarding to start seeing the children of these young families grow up in that neighborhood."

Morgan explained that Habitat Denton used to buy lots for $5-$15 thousand dollars back in the early 2000s when he started volunteering with us. Existing lots now cost Habitat $60-$80 thousand dollars, so it has become increasingly difficult to build affordable homes on that expensive of a lot. Lot prices in Denton will continue to go up and up, so he thinks having this acreage developed into lots will give us several years of building homes without buying those expensive lots.

Morgan also pointed out that the 8-acre development is an opportunity for a whole lot more community interest and involvement because anyone can drive down to the development and see it happening, all right together in the same place, building homes quickly, making people want to be involved in it. 

Frank Scarlata, another long-time volunteer and Build Committee member, had been more involved with Habitat in the past and always knew about the 8-acre project and hoped it would come to fruition one day. When he saw the seed money campaign story in the last newsletter, he was so excited about the possibility of it finally happening and wanted to be a part of it:

"My wife and I subscribe to the mantra of Habitat for Humanity. Habitat does such a good job of bringing families together, building homes at such a low cost for those in need. We are "Pro-Habitat"! I've always understood the 8-acres project, but it just appeared to be sitting there for several years. Then I saw the newsletter mentioning the seed money campaign, and we made the decision to get on board with it because we believe in Habitat! We hope the 8-acres comes to fruition sooner rather than later."

Brian Strohl, current Board member of Habitat for Humanity of Denton County, has been deeply involved with the 8-acres project: "My time has been spent in due diligence. This means the early planning, design, estimating and coordination with the City of Denton to ensure the development meets city standards, enhances the surrounding neighborhood and makes it economically possible to provide homes for the hard working families of Denton."

When asked why he feels this Habitat Village is essential for families in Denton County, he stated: "Denton is at a real cross roads. The price of homes and apartment rents in Denton County continues to outpace wages. This means families are forced to forgo other necessities just to put a roof over their heads. Habitat for Humanity provides an opportunity for a family already paying rent in a very often sub-standard home, to afford a new home in a responsible way. In other words they can have money at the end of the month for food, medicine and school. The entire community wins when families can make a living, provide for housing and other necessities."
Speaking of the 8-acre Habitat Housing Development....


Our $20,000 goal for the 8-acre Seed Money Campaign has been achieved! Thanks to our generous Board and Build Committee members, we have raised $25,710 in matching funds for the 8-acre Habitat Housing Development. We are so blessed to have such generous and committed supporters of our mission to do the Lord's work to help those in need in our community.

So we're not finished yet...
Because of the $25,710 in matching funds, we are now raising $51,420 to start building the first 4 homes of this neighborhood! Our goal is to match these gifts by North Texas Giving Day on September 17, 2020, and we're already 63% of the way there! We are so excited and blessed by the momentum this campaign has created in our community and organization!
So what is the 8-acre Habitat Housing Development?

You may have heard by now that Habitat for Humanity of Denton County has purchased 8 acres of land in SE Denton on Duncan Street with plans to create a new Habitat Denton County housing development on the property. As many as 35 new affordable homes can be provided to those in need via this development! We launched and successfully completed a seed campaign just a few weeks ago to raise the first $20,000 needed to move this dream through the planning phases with the City of Denton. Since this has been achieved so quickly through the $20,000+ in matching gifts, we are now raising $51,420 to build the first 4 homes on the property!

We are so excited about the momentum this campaign's success has created and can't wait for so many families to have decent, affordable housing because of the success of this campaign! God is truly at work to help those in need through Habitat for Humanity of Denton County.

Questions? Contact Lora at lora@hfhdentoncounty.org or call us at 940-484-5006 for more information.
North Texas Giving Day is September 17, 2020!
Early Giving for North Texas Giving Day begins September 1!

As mentioned above in the 8-acre Habitat Housing Development story, we have received $25,710 in dollar-for-dollar matching funds from generous members of our Board and Build Committee, causing us to extend our North Texas Giving Day goal to $51,420! Upon reaching this goal, we will be able to start building the first 4 homes on the 8-acre Habitat Housing Development! And we're already 63% of the way there!

Now we need YOUR help to reach this new goal on North Texas Giving Day so this neighborhood can be built for those in need of affordable housing in Denton! Each gift given to Habitat for Humanity of Denton County on North Texas Giving Day will go directly toward families in need of affordable housing in Denton County.

Will you join us in building the first 4 homes on our
8-acre Habitat Housing Development?
Can't wait until September 1 to donate?
You can create a FUNdraising page on Habitat for Humanity of Denton County's behalf to share with your networks about why Habitat is important to you! Click here for more info on creating a FUNdraising page.
Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities!
Volunteer with our A Brush with Kindness program! Help repair and paint the exterior of a home of someone in need! A Brush with Kindness serves low-income homeowners impacted by age, disability, or family circumstances who struggle to maintain the exterior of their homes.

Exact dates and times are still to be determined for this, so contact us here to sign up to receive volunteer updates. You'll also receive updates on upcoming volunteer opportunities for our next build!
Cross Timbers Rotary Club: Duck Derby "Buck-A-Duck" Promotion

We have signed up for Cross Timbers Rotary Club's annual fundraiser! From August 7 to September 18, we'll be selling ducks for the Duck Derby taking place at the Rhythms at the Riverwalk event on September 19, 2020. For each duck we sell from our personal web page, we will earn $1, or one "Buck-A-Duck."