February 8, 2018
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After 40: Ready for Action  
New  Lenten Bible Study offered free to all United Methodist churches
Hopewell UMC  in Downingtown, Pa. has produced a new Lenten Bible Study,  After 40: Ready for Action , and is making it available to any UM churches at no cost. 
The church will host nine weekly classes using this study, beginning on Ash  Wednesday, Feb. 13.

With seven individual sessions for small-group study,  After 40: Ready for Action  is designed to begin the week of Ash  Wednesday  and conclude the week following Easter  Sunday .
The Lenten study offers a fresh look at all those stories in the Bible where the number 40 is a prominent feature, including:
  • 40 days and 40 nights of rain in the time of Noah;
  • the Israelites wandering in the wilderness for 40 years;
  • the resurrected Jesus seen alive for 40 days. 
Each session focuses on somebody going through something hard in order to be prepared for something better in the kingdom. The curriculum examines those periods of testing or temptation or rigorous effort by God's people, challenges that lead to equipping them (and us!) for new adventures in ministry. 

After 40: Ready for Action materials include a DVD, a Leader's Guide, and Study Worksheets. Order a free study kit at  http://www.hopewellumc.org/lent-2018, or email Deb Boyd, Director of Lay Ministries, Hopewell UMC, at  boyd@hopewellumc.org.

Hurry! Ash  Wednesday and Lent will be here soon. This resource will help you and your church make the most of this Christian season of sacrifice on the journey to something better.

NOTE: Please let our Conference Communications Office know what Lenten studies, worship services or other activities your church or mission connexion are planning, so we can report on them in our media. Thanks! E-mail your information to the Communications Office or use our Submit News webpage.
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