From Kenneth H. Carter, Jr., President, Council of Bishops 
On Ash Wednesday, it is the tradition of the church to focus on the cross, in the form of the imposition of ashes, and to read Psalm 51. This is also a spiritual practice for many every Friday, to read this Psalm and to focus on the cross. Without a deep and constant turning to Jesus, we are always prone to pride and arrogance, we are always tempted by power and using any available means to achieve our ends, even those purposes we believe to be of God.
A church that loses touch with the spiritual practice of focusing on the cross and reading Psalm 51 will inevitably transfer its trust to institutions and leaders who are always in need of reform and renewal.
To read Psalm 51 is to be utterly transparent and open to the truth—in our spiritual lives and in our institutional practices. This leads us— as persons before God and as leaders of communities and congregations—to a deep and constant dependence on God, who has the power to change us, who is finally the source of our hope.