November 9, 2020
How to Recognize and Deal with Church Bullies

A Workshop by the Rev. David Woolverton

Wednesday, Nov. 11,
6:30-8:30 PM on Zoom
“In the church, bullies can look spiritual…(and) may be serving a very unique function in the life of a congregation,” says the Rev. David Woolverton, who for years, has helped clergy and laity to understand church conflict and its potential for creative transformation. In many churches, he explains, “there are individuals or groups who pose a rather unique challenge to the multiplying movement of God’s mission. While some of those persons are simply reacting with anxiety to changes implemented by leaders, others may have a more defined plan to sabotage any idea that does not originate with them.”
Sharing insights from over thirty years of full time pastoral ministry, as well as content from his new book on church conflict, to be published in 2021, Dr. Woolverton will explore how to recognize recognize, assess and respond to church “bullies” and the closed power systems that they represent. An ordained Elder in the Eastern PA Conference for over 30 years, he has served and consulted with congregations of various sizes. He is now Lead Pastor at St. Paul’s Church, Elizabethtown. Learn more and register…
Book Club explores The Post-Quarantine Church
Wednesday, November 11,
11 AM to 12 noon on Zoom

Join the Congregational Development Team’s (CDT) weekly Wednesday morning Book Club. We’re discussing The Post Quarantine Church by Thom Rainer. Facilitated by the Rev. Lloyd Speer. Nov. 11 will be session four, but anyone can join at any time to hear a great exchange of creative ideas and concerns from pastors and laity around the conference.

The Post Quarantine Church is a trustworthy and respected guide for pastors and church leadership in the post-quarantine world, providing hope and vision for the future of your congregation. Learn more and register…
Evangelism in a Changing Landscape
Faith Sharing Seminar
Saturday, Nov. 14,
9 AM to 12 PM on Zoom

Join leadership and ministry consultant the Rev. Lisa Greenwood on Zoom to explore the changing landscape of our mission field—its challenges, opportunities and implications for churches and ministries. 0.6 CEUs are available.
Lisa Greenwood is Vice-President for Leadership Ministry of TMF (the Texas Methodist Foundation), Dallas, Texas. She works with church leaders across the UMC connection to help them understand and foster “deep change” by facilitating purposeful conversations of courage, learning, generosity and innovation. She brings wisdom and experience from serving suburban, urban and rural churches as a pastor in the North Texas Annual Conference for 20 years.

Congregations are encouraged to attend in teams to learn, strategize and prepare to grow together. Learn more and register.