February 27, 2019
GC2019 OKs Traditional Plan that’s now in the judges’ hands
With the arching drama of the Special Session of General Conference 2019 now ended, the drama moves into the Judicial Council’s arena. The council will consider ruling on the approved Traditional Plan at its April meeting.

While the U.S. government addresses a national emergency declared by its President, rejected by its congressional House of Representatives and perhaps headed eventually to its Supreme Court, the three branches of The United Methodist Church’s governing structure are also fully engaged in lawmaking.

Catch up on the UMC’s still-evolving drama with latest reports on the outcomes of and outlook for General Conference actions taken Feb, 23-26, as well as reactions of bishops, delegates and observers.

More coverage is forthcoming this week and next, including reflections by Eastern PA Conference delegates and by resident Bishop Peggy Johnson, who will deliver a report and answer questions at West Lawn UMC March 16 and later in town hall meetings on each district.