March 24, 2020
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Help for churches wanting to take worship, giving online
There is help available for churches that want to keep members connected and vitally engaged by doing congregational worship, nurture, outreach and stewardship electronically. That means engaging them—and also nonmembers—through video livestreaming, video-conferencing and online giving.

If your church wants to use these tools to extend its ministries beyond the sanctuary be sure to view our conference’s recorded, two-hour Zoom webinar on these timely topics. Invite your teams to watch it together.

Taking Church to the World ” was viewed by 300 participants last Thursday, March 19, via Zoom video-conferencing. It offered church leaders plenty of how-to’s for transporting worship from the sanctuary into many homes… electronically.

The experimental, interactive video-chat session shared great advice, instruction and creative ideas, especially for churches seeking ways to worship, fellowship and learn together, and also to maintain their giving to support ministry—all without gathering onsite, which is now prohibited. Such an alternative has become necessary due to the coronavirus pandemic sweeping across our region and nation.

Learn more…  And view our  recorded Zoom training  now.
In addition, the UMC’s  General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) will offer “several resources to local churches and church leadership on both livestreaming and giving at the local church level during these times of quarantine and confinement.” The agency is concerned about churches across the connection canceling weekly services, including the offerings they need to support their operations and various ministries.

On  Wednesday, March 25, at 4 PM ET, GCFA will conduct the first of a series of Facebook Live sessions, using livestreaming on Facebook. The first event, “Livestreaming Using What You Have” will be facilitated by Andrew Jensen, GCFA’s Audio Visual Specialist, and can be found on GCFA’s Facebook account,  @GCFAUMC

Jensen has years of experience in technology and video production and will be offering easy to follow tips on how local churches can navigate through all the resources available to livestream and otherwise provide church services.
On Thursday, March 26, Servant Keeper, a ministry partner of GCFA, will provide a webinar at 11 ET. The webinar, “eGiving during Virtual Ministry,” will focus on answering questions about electronic giving and the local church. To register for this webinar,  click here.

GCFA produces administrative resources for local churches and annual conferences. Questions on eGiving, livestreaming or any other administrative concerns during this time of social distancing, can be emailed to This email address was specifically created to help respond to the church during the COVID-19 crisis. Additional resources will be provided online.

United Methodist Communications (UMCom) offers help through its recent article,  Taking your worship online: A guide for beginners and everyone else It  offers planning information for churches that want to begin livestreaming their worship services and other ministries of witness and teaching. 
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