March 1, 2021
Bishop to discuss rescheduled conferences 6:30 tonight
Bishop Peggy Johnson will host a Zoom webinar tonight, at 6:30, to discuss the rescheduled General and Jurisdictional conferences* and related concerns. 

Read the Bishop’s Letter: Webinar with Bishop Johnson on March 1, 2021

To join this webinar, please click on the following link:
*The postponed General Conference, which had been scheduled for August 29 – September 7, 2021 is being postponed again until sometime in 2022. There will be a very brief virtual session of General Conference on May 8, 2021 to enact some necessary Disciplinary adjustments to enable the denomination to continue to function until the next in-person session of General Conference. In addition, the November 8-12, 2021 Northeastern Jurisdictional Conference has been moved up to July 20-23, 2021 as a virtual meeting.
Also, read the updated UM News story about the rescheduled conferences: General Conference postponed until 2022
Eastern PA Conference launches new website
It’s finally here! After 5½ years, the Eastern PA Conference has a new website with new colors, new pages, new features, a new more contemporary style, new functionality, and a whole new look.

“New” is the key word here. In fact, it’s key to all our publications’ and departmental name: NEWSpirit Communications. Speaking of publications, notice the new website’s colors in our publications starting with today’s NEWSpirit Alert. And there may be yet another branded NEWSpirit publication—our fourth—coming later this month. More about that later.

But for now, please visit, tour and enjoy our new conference website, including some of its dynamic new, home page features:

  • New blue and green colors.
  • A wide main photo display linked to our lead story.
  • Top navigational links with horizontal breakout, rather than vertical drop-down, menus.
  • A green information bar at the top for important or urgent notices.
  • Separation of News and Events into separate sections.
  • A new, easily searchable directory of churches and clergy.
  • A second, slider tier of News & Information and Upcoming Events featured items. (Use the blue arrows to slide to the next items in each section.
  • A bottom tier—the “footer”—containing links to all our landing pages, organized categorically for easy, linkable access.
‘I love what you’ve done to the place’

And all that’s just on the home page. There are more new features inside. So, please take some time to look around at our new (or renovated, like-new) home, and please, please tell us what you think. We hope you’ll love what we’ve done to the place. But we do need to know your opinions and suggestions to make it better.

So please use the Contact Us page to tell us what you think and how we can improve our new website even more. And please, please, please tell others about the new site. Share the link and this message with everyone you know—especially in your church. Thanks! And happy exploring.