October 30, 2020
All Saints Day!
Nov. 1 is All Saints Sunday, and Bishop Peggy Johnson reflects on the day on the church calendar when we celebrate the lives of Christians (“saints”) who have gone before us to join the “Church Triumphant.” 

It is a time to remember them, especially during this Coronavirus pandemic that has taken so many lives, and to give thanks for their faithfulness. She says we should use this solemn day, which John Wesley called a “day of peculiar love,” to recommit our lives to the Lord’s cause and “emulate the good works of those saints who…set a path for us to follow.” Read more…
INFORM: What is The UMC’s view of Halloween?

The word “Halloween” means “the evening of Hallows.” “Hallows” is an old English term for “saints.”But why “the Evening of Saints.” Well, because ancient Jews believed each day began at sunset rather than sunrise, just as we see in Genesis 1: "And it was evening, and it was morning, the first day." So, Halloween refers to the first service of worship for All Saints Day, held in the evening.  Read more.
Christmas Cards for Inmates--FINAL DAYS!

"You still can reach out and share God's love with an inmate in this particularly difficult time of isolation," says the Rev. Marilyn Schneider, who chairs the Eastern PA Conference Prison Ministry & Restorative Justice Team. But the deadline is drawing near.  All cards must be returned to drop-off locations or the Conference Office by Monday, Nov. 2.

Cards can be returned by dropping them off at one of the Pick-up/Drop-off Locations.  or by mailing to the conference office, c/o Prison Ministry.  "Thank you for your willingness to reach out and care for those who are incarcerated!" said Schneider.  Learn more: 2020 Christmas Cards for Inmates Program
New Local Pastor Licensing School
begins in January

The Eastern PA Conference has launched its new Local Pastor Licensing School, to begin in January 2021. Registration is open now for classes that will gather online for just four weeks, from Jan. 15 to Feb. 28. The school’s new design allows for faster completion in classes that meet on Friday evenings and Saturdays. Persons from other conferences are welcome to attend. Due to the  COVID-19 pandemic, all 2021 classes will meet via Zoom video-conferencing.

The classes will cover UMC Tradition, Leadership and Administration; Spiritual Direction; Preaching; Public Worship and Liturgy; Educational Ministries; Mission and Evangelism; Pastoral Care; and another class related to a Conference emphasis to be determined.

The cost is $1,100, with a $300 non-refundable deposit and the remaining balance due by March 31. The Rev. Dan Lebo is the school’s new Dean. The Rev.  Kevin Babcock, who chairs the Board of Ordained Ministry Committee on Local Pastor Licensing, is the registrar. See the brochure for more details, including requirements.

Annual Election period begins for 2021 health insurance

It is time for active, appointed clergy and conference staff members to register for the HealthFlex Annual Election Meeting (formerly called Annual Enrollment), which will happen online on Wednesday, Nov 4. (Retired pulpit supply pastors are not included.) The Annual Election period runs from Oct. 28 through Nov. 12. 

There are a few minor changes that will be reviewed during the meeting, announced Jo Fielding, Benefits director. The Nov. 4 meeting will be from 1 to 3:30 PM. Register today.  (https://www.epaumc.org/administration/pension-health/

Hear Wespath education experts share what’s new for Healthflex in 2021, while gaining a better understanding of your benefits and a review of how to enroll. This meeting is for participants in the Active Healthcare Plans. Members do not have to make an election if they wish to remain with the same plan as this year. There is no change in the annual stipend for 2021. 

The last half hour of the Webinar will be specifically for clergy who are turning 65 during 2021 and who are appointed to a local church with 20 or fewer employees.

Council of Bishops to discuss church’s future, racism, impact of pandemic

The UM Council of Bishops plans to meet Nov. 2-5 amid a pandemic and racial unrest, as well as denominational and political anxiety. Members of the international council--serving in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America--will meet virtually due to the pandemic travel restrictions. The opening session on Monday, including the council president’s address by Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey, will be video live-streamed on the Council of Bishops Facebook page

Among the agenda issues are proposals for helping to dismantle racism, strengthen missional strategies, examining the role of the episcopacy, and facing the denomination’s financial challenges. The bishops will also hear ecumenical ministry reports and a report from the Commission on General Conference about the 2021 global assembly.

Pre-election Methodist men’s prayer meeting, Oct. 31
A pan-Methodist gathering of men from the UMC, the African Methodist Episcopal Church, the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church and the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church will hold a one-hour virtual prayer meeting on Saturday, Oct. 31, seeking peace and healing, in preparation for the Nov. 3 U.S. election. The meeting on Zoom is set for 12 PM. 

Mississippi Bishop James Swanson, president of the General Commission on UM Men, will be the closing speaker. The UM Men is a cosponsor of the event. Learn more..
PA religious leaders call for peaceful 2020 election
The Pennsylvania Council of Churches has issued “A Statement Calling for a Peaceful 2020 Election.” It can be read on their website.  It begins:

While Americans have always had their differences based on political preferences and how we work to progress the ideal of “liberty and justice for all,” for years we managed to find ways to work together to accomplish this end. 

All that has changed, and while it has been coming for some time, ideological differences have hardened into sharp lines of division. Those who disagree are not simply wrong, they have become the enemy. Anger and antipathy have escalated, and neighbors with different positions are vilified. In some cases, anger has intensified into rage, and then to physical violence. Concern over the integrity of our elections—most often driven by unfounded questions about the safety of absentee/mail-in voting—has risen to the point of fear that the election will be stolen by one side or the other. In some instances, intimidation, violence, and the spread of misinformation are being deployed in an attempt to disenfranchise “undesirable voters.” 

As Christians, we recognize Jesus as the Prince of Peace, the one who claimed, “Blessed are the peacemakers.” He called upon us to love our neighbors, and to treat our neighbor as we would wish to be treated.  Read more…

Conference camps staying busy into November
Our four Camp & Retreat Centers are keeping busy this season, with two fundraising events that end this weekend and planned November events welcoming families, helpful woodcutters and church youth groups.

Innabah completes its October Amazing Raise fundraising drive on Saturday, hoping to surpass the $23,000 they raised in one day last year. All donations will be matched. Meanwhile, the camp completes its Fall Family Camp weekends in November, with families coming to enjoy a full menu of camp activities on their own Nov, 6-8 and 13-15.

“This year has been hard for everyone, but we are better together,” said camp director Michael Hyde. “We are doing our best here at Innabah to be able to continue with our ministry. We need everyone’s help. Whatever you can give will be appreciated!” Learn more… Also, watch a video for some more details and information by clicking HERE.

Carson Simpson Farm is raising funds from the sale of delicious pies, but the last day is Sunday, Nov. 1.  Supporters should order their Solly Brother Farms holiday pies (from a variety of 11 savory flavors!) using the Carson Simpson Farm Thanksgiving Pie Fundraiser form. All pies are $15, and orders can be picked up from Carson Simpson on Tuesday, Nov. 24. 

Pocono Plateau will host its annual Annual Woodcutter's Day on Saturday, Nov. 7, 9 AM to  4 PM.  Work groups are vital to the care and maintenance of the camp’s property and facilities. Groups can volunteer to spend a day or more doing projects to help keep Pocono Plateau in good working order.  

There is plenty of work to be done from general labor (splitting & stacking firewood, raking leaves, trail maintenance) to the trades (electrical, plumbing, carpentry)  Any type, age, or size group is welcome! Contact the Pocono Plateau office for more information and to make arrangements. 

Meanwhile, camp director Ron Schane continues to recuperate at home from his recent heart surgery.

Gretna Glen will host another, monthly Free Youth Night event on Sunday, Nov. 15, from 2:00 to 4:40 PM. The October Youth Night event drew 46 attendees. The camp is very COVID-19-conscious, continuing its due diligence in making its facilities safe for all guests. Learn more... 

“We are excited to continue to offer this event as a resource to our churches and community,” says camp director Apryl Miller. It will feel similar to previous Free Youth Night events, but the youth will gather at an earlier time to enjoy outdoor activities in daylight. So, dress warmly in layers. 

Also, Gretna Glen’s “Run the Glen” series of dual 5K trail races will follow on Friday, Nov. 20, at 6 PM and Saturday, Nov. 21, at 8 AM. Learn more...
New group explores General Conference options
With COVID-19 still menacing the globe, General Conference organizers are exploring various options for holding The United Methodist Church's international lawmaking assembly. They have appointed a technology study team that will look at online options. Read storyAlso, read Should General Conference go virtual?
Don't forget to V.O.T.E.
By Bishop Peggy Johnson
Whatever your political affiliation, I urge you to be sure to V.O.T.E. “The strength of a political system depends upon the full and willing participation of its citizens,” according to the United Methodist Social Principles (para. 164 in the 2016 Book of Discipline). I encourage you to participate in the following important ways. We can:

  • Volunteer to help others vote.
  • Open our minds through reading and listening to learn candidates’ positions and platforms to help determine our choices.
  • Teach others about the sacred importance of voting and helping to ensure fairness in our elections.
  • Engage in prayer for a peaceful, safe, transparent and civil outcome to this election, asking God’s Spirit to move among us as a nation.

Read Bishop Johnson’s full essay but also the open letter--”A Crisis of Faith and Democracy”—signed by her and many other UM bishops, as well as other related articles.  
Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Diversity training
This recurring workshop can help any church leader improve their communication, teamwork and conflict management skills, while creating an inclusive, welcoming environment. It’s a must-learn for leaders who want to abide in and lead like Christ. 

The workshop provides insight into Jesus’ life and approach to managing conflict, creating believers, and teaching others about living life with God at the center. It provides answers to those who perceive and experience oppression, inequality and violence. The skilled trainers are the Revs. David Piltz and Anita Powell of the Eastern PA Conference Commission on Religion & Race (CORR).

Register now for this Zoom video-conferencing workshop, scheduled for two Saturday afternoons, October 31 and November 7, from 12:30 to 3:30 PM, just 3 hours each day. The registration fee is only $10. More information coming soon! 
DACA Dreamers to share their stories, Oct. 31
Meet and learn about DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) immigrants, known as Dreamers, through a virtual encounter with them on Saturday, Oct. 31, 10 to 11:30 AM, on Zoom. That’s when several of these young, lifelong U.S. residents who are striving to become citizens will open their lives to us. Their “story-sharing” visit will include prayer, biblical and theological perspectives, personal experiences as immigrants, social analysis and a vocal commitment to advocacy in action.

Their Storysharing Tour is being sponsored by the General Board of Church & Society and co-hosted by the Rev. Carlos Reyes Rodríguez, a missionary and Coordinator of Hispanic-Latino Ministries in the Peninsula-Delaware Conference. The Eastern PA and Peninsula-Delaware conferences will both participate in this event.

Register now to receive the Zoom link and information. Also view a
30-second YouTube video of Yulma Lopéz, Delaware State University graduate and Dreamer, explaining why sharing her story and listening to her story is important.
POWER offers nonviolent direct action training
POWER, the interfaith, justice advocacy organization of over 50 congregations in the region, will offer a third online training session in Nonviolent Direct Action on Sunday, Nov. 1, at 6 to 8 PM. The “Soul Force” training--praised by several local religious leaders--is a spiritual discipline that teaches participants to “meet white supremacy, fascism and violence with a powerful contrary force.” 

“As the election nears (Nov. 3), we find ourselves in a fight to preserve democracy in the United States,” the organization says. “We must prepare ourselves and our communities for uncertainty and unrest. In this training, we will discuss concrete next steps to take so we are prepared following the election. As people of faith and moral conscience we must meet this moment with courage and conviction.” 

The training includes team-building and learning history, principles and tactics of Nonviolent Direct Action, using the Southern Freedom Movement's methods. POWER is one of several groups doing “voter engagement” work to increase participation, especially among marginalized voters, and preparing for threats of possible intimidation and backlash to election results. Learn more...

All youth invited to special CCYM Racism and Diversity event, Nov. 14
The Northeastern Jurisdiction Council on Youth Ministry, at its Nov. 14 meeting, will feature a special program on Racism and Diversity, presented by the Eastern PA Conference Council on Youth Ministry (CCYM) (left). The presentation will be from 1 to 4 PM using video-conferencing on Zoom. All youth from the NEJ’s 10 conferences are invited to participate.  Pre-registration is required to receive the Zoom invitation and link. 

“We will use a unique approach of presenting scripted vignettes that one of our youth members is preparing,” said the Rev. David Piltz, Conference Coordinator of Young People’s Ministries. The presentation, including interactive discussions, will focus on words and meanings that emerge from Matthew 15:18, which teaches that “what comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart, and this is what defiles us,” said Piltz. “The essential point is that if love is in our heart then nothing bad comes out of the mouth; and racism is not from a place of love but from a place of hate.”

CCYM member Sara Mott, of Covenant UMC in Moore Township, is writing the vignettes. She recently directed, produced and acted in a short dramatic film, “Secondhand Smoke” about domestic violence that was shown at a New York film festival for high school students. The program agenda will also include time for fellowship and worship. 

How to Deal with Church Bullies webinar, Nov. 11
Connectional Ministries will offer a requested Zoom webinar titled “How to Recognize and Deal with Church Bullies” on Wednesday, Nov 11, at 6:30 PM. The Rev. David Woolverton (right) will lead the workshop, drawing from his 30 years as a pastor, educator, consultant and now author, with a new book on church conflict in the works.
“In the church, bullies can look spiritual. They also may be serving a very unique function in the life of the congregation,” writes Dr. Woolverton. He will explore how to recognize, assess and respond to church “bullies” and the closed power systems that they represent. “While some of those persons are simply reacting with anxiety to changes implemented by leaders, others may have a more defined plan to sabotage any idea that does not originate with them.” Registration for this event is now open.
CONAM race-based mascots workshop, Nov. 8
The Eastern PA Conference Committee on Native American Ministries (CONAM) will present a Zoom video-conference on Sunday, Nov. 8, at 4 PM, about the ongoing abuse of Native American identities and stereotypes as sports team names and mascots. That abuse continues in PA and other areas of the U.S. 

The Coalition of Natives and Allies, a CONAM community partner, will lead the workshop as part of its mission, “Cultivating Unity to End Racism.” The group’s strategy is stated as “Decolonizing, Ending Stereotypes, Engendering Respect.”

Learn the truth behind popular mascot myths, such as "Mascots honor the Indians.” Download and share the flyer. Learn more and register for this important learning event.
Church & Society seminar to examine educational equity
Church and Society will host its fifth annual Called Seminar, “Towards Educational Equity: Investing in the Beloved Community” from Nov. 30 to Dec. 3, on Zoom.
Going back to school in the COVID-19 pandemic has created challenges for students, teachers, and parents. These challenges have been compounded by the disproportionate availability and access to resources, highlighting the inequities of our education system. Unfortunately, these inequities are not unique to COVID-19, and like other societal inequities magnified by COVID-19, existed prior to the pandemic.
This four-day series of seminars will feature discussions with experts on what an equitable education system for all can truly look like. The seminar will equip participants with tools and resources to continue the work of advocacy towards educational equity.
All sessions will be held on Zoom. Registration is free and open to all.  Register for each session here. Advance registration is required for all events. Closed captions and ASL interpretation will be available for Nov 30 and Dec 1 webinars. For December 2 and 3 events, it will be available upon request.
Participants will also have an option to hold virtual meetings with their Congressional offices on Dec. 3. Register by Nov. 11. Webinars on Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 will be recorded. Register by the date of the webinar to receive the links and additional resources. Contact Aimee Hong for more information. Register Today!
Apply for Global Mission Fellows, US-2 track
Applications for UM Global Ministries 2021-23 Global Mission Fellows on the US-2 track opened Oct. 12. The fall application deadline is Nov. 30, 2020, and the spring application deadline is Feb. 24, 2021. Placement matches will be assigned throughout the selection process, so early application is encouraged. Read press release. See application information
Celebrating Our Cultures at Christmas, Dec. 13
Plan now to attend the Commission on Religion & Race’s second annual multicultural celebration and the first to happen online. In September 2019 the group hosted a lively, well-attended outdoor picnic at Innabah. This year they will host a virtual but no less festive gathering, Celebrating Our Cultures at Christmas, on Sunday, Dec. 13, at 3 PM, via Zoom. 

It’s a Conference-wide Advent celebration that will share cultural and family traditions of the season from around the world--including Latin American Three Kings Day celebrations, a Native American family’s Christmas story, and traditions from South Korea, India, Germany, Great Britain, Sierra Leone, and even a taste of Kwanzaa. 

Come join the party! Bring a candle and place your computer or mobile device in front of your tree or nativity scene! Send a photo of your nativity or live nativity scene to communications@epaumc.org to be included in the celebration. Register now to participate. Download and share the event flyer. 
PA tax exemption extended further until Dec. 31
The Eastern PA Conference’s Pennsylvania sales tax exemption certificate used by its member churches was due to expire initially March 31 but was extended to Sept. 30. But now it has been extended further until Dec. 31, due continued delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The extension enables churches to continue making tax-exempt purchases while the state processes renewals. A new letter confirming this latest extension may be used by churches to authorize tax-fre purchases, along with their copy of the expired Exemption Certificate (REV-1220). 
Zoom users should update their software
All users of Zoom video-conferencing should ensure their Zoom Client program is the latest version available, The Conference Administration Office advises. Check to make sure you are using Version 3.2.1 If not:

  • Close your programs
  • Download and run CleanZoom.exe   
  • Reboot your computer
  • Visit this link https://zoom.us/support/download.
  • This will automatically download the newest version for you.
  • Install this version once downloaded.
Order of Elders to learn about using digital media for ministry
The Eastern PA Conference Order of Elders will hear from an expert on how to use media creatively to reclaim the church’s social influence at a training event on Wednesday, Nov. 18, at 1 PM, via Zoom.

“Obviously our time together in the Order of Elders will be different this year,” says the Rev. Tom Ebersole, the group’s new chairman. Rather than the usual lunch gathering at Innabah Camp & Retreat Center, the 2-hour video-conference will include a talk and Q & A session featuring Phil Cooke, a writer, leading media producer and consultant who critiques American-influenced Christian culture. (Wikipedia)

With a Ph.D in theology, Cooke has “helped some of the largest Christian and nonprofit organizations in the world use the media to tell their story in a changing, disrupted culture.” Ebersole says Cooke’s book The Way Back: How Christians Blew Our Credibility & How We Get it Back “changed how I do ministry. He is dynamic and brings a message we definitely need to hear.”
The first 70 elders who sign up for the Nov. 18 training will receive a copy of Cooke’s new book, Maximize Your Influence: How to Make Digital Media Work for Your Church, Your Ministry and You. This event is free for conference elders. Register now.
New online course aims at growth in generosity
A new online curriculum designed to help clergy and lay people lead congregations toward growth in generosity is now available from Discipleship Ministries. This six-module leadership series will help clergy and leaders become better equipped to lead their local churches in the area of generosity as a key part of being a disciple of Jesus Christ. Read press release
Building relationships with virtual visitors
Many churches are reporting much higher online worship attendance than they typically see in person. Eric Seiberling offers tips for how email can help sustain these new connections in a time of social distancing. Read tips
Conference offers new booklet of scholarships, ministry funds
Announces new Narberth Legacy Ministry Action Grants
The Eastern PA Conference Connectional Ministries Office has published online a new booklet, titled Conference Funding for Ministry and Leadership Development, to inform churches and members about resources for funding ministry, church needs and educational scholarships. The booklet conveniently gathers in one place information already present on the conference website’s individual Funding For Ministry, Higher Education Scholarships & Grants and Conference Loan Fund pages. (All pages are updated regularly and are accessible from our Conference Finance webpage.)

But other funding sources also appear in the booklet, including the William “Bill” Drendall Endowment Fund of Mount Gretna UMC, available to all churches; BMCR/BUMP College Scholarships for active members of BMCR-member churches; and scholarships and ministry funding from general agencies of the UMC. 

One major funding source featured in the new booklet is the conference’s new Narberth Legacy Ministry Action Grants (2021-2023 Action Grants). The Narberth Legacy Ministry Action Fund is a Permanent Endowment Fund administered by the Mid-Atlantic United Methodist Foundation on behalf of the Eastern PA Conference. It was established from the 2014 discontinuation of Narberth UMC, as a living memorial to past church members, to provide substantial support to new, innovative, justice-seeking ministries that impact the life of communities. 

Beginning July 1, 2021 one grant for up to $45,000, distributed over a three-year period, will be awarded annually to a church. Eligible ministries are those that seek to serve populations that may be multicultural, young or intergenerational, unchurched or de-churched, and challenged by racism, discrimination, poverty and other disadvantages. Such ministries should demonstrate viability and a commitment to foster productive cooperation with church and community partners and stakeholders. 

Funds will be granted only for endeavors that produce action and offer the potential for real change. Learn more on the conference website’s Funding for Ministry page or contact the Office of Connectional Ministries. Deadline: Jan. 31, 2021. Learn more...
Sign-language Bible now available
A 38-year project that included 53 Deaf translators has produced the American Sign Language Bible, available free from Deaf Missions, a nonprofit Christian organization. This new Bible not only better encourages Deaf and hard-of-hearing people to engage in studying Scripture, it reduces misunderstandings and misinterpretations, writes the Rev. Leo Yates Jr. Read commentary 
Urban Commission offers fall ministry grants
The Eastern PA Conference’s Urban Commission will once again award grants this fall to assist in funding Urban Alliances or Urban Church Initiatives. The deadline is Nov. 23. Awards will be announced by Jan. 6, 2021. UM churches in the following urban centers, are invited to apply: 

Allentown Lebanon
Bethlehem Norristown
Chester Pottstown
Coatesville Reading
Lancaster Philadelphia and Philadelphia 

The Urban Commission typically offers grants twice a year, in the spring and fall. However, funds for this year’s spring round of grants were reallocated to the conference Cabinet to aid churches responding to community needs during the coronavirus pandemic. Read the grant information on the Urban Ministries webpage, and use the online application to apply.
By Water & the Spirit: Theology & Practice of Baptism
Nov. 7 & 21, 9 to 11:30 AM. A study offered on Zoom by the Board of Ordained Ministry

Study leaders: Rev. Gary Knerr and Rev. Candy LaBar. 
Two Sessions:
Saturday November 7, 9:00-11:30 AM
Saturday November 21, 9:00-11:30 AM

Baptism is at the core of who we are as Christians — but how well do we truly understand this sacrament? Those of us who serve in church leadership often face practical questions with deep theological roots. By getting to the theological heart of baptism, we as church leaders can offer better and more meaningful answers to these questions that so often arise from the pews. 

This study on Zoom is designed to help all church leaders — and in particular, our licensed local pastors and lay-supply pastors — to wrestle with this theological foundation of baptism. To participate, individuals should read Gayle Carlton Felton’s By Water and the Spirit (available at Cokesbury.com); and share any questions with the study leaders via email. 0.5 CEUs will be offered to those who complete this course.   

This event is free and recommended to all persons with church leadership roles. Learn more and Register Online.
Faith Sharing Event, Nov. 14, moved to Zoom
Evangelism in a Changing Landscape, the Eastern PA Conference’s 2020 Faith-Sharing Event Nov. 14, will now be a 3-hour Zoom video-conference from 9 AM to 12 noon, offered for free.
Our featured speaker is the Rev. Lisa Greenwood, Vice-President for Leadership Ministry of TMF (the Texas Methodist Foundation), Dallas, Texas. She will stimulate reflections on the changing landscape of our mission field—both its challenges and opportunities—and invite us into conversations about the implications for our church leaders and ministries. Congregations are encouraged to participate in teams to learn, strategize and prepare to grow together.

Visit our Local Church Resources webpage
Do you find yourself wondering where you can obtain a 501(c)3 letter? Clergy W-2s? Various other bits of information that is crucial for churches? Look no further than the Local Church Resources page under the Administration tab on the EPA website and you can answer these questions.
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Update your Find-A-Church profile
Developed by United Methodist Communications, Find-A-Church helps your church connect with people who may be looking online for a church to provide worship, fellowship, spiritual nurture and other needs. If your church has a Website, having a church page in Find-A-Church doubles your local visibility to reach people searching by city, town or zip code. It is the official online directory of United Methodist churches in the United States and one of the most visited sections of UMC.org, averaging more than 1,000 page views a day. You'll achieve the best results from your Find-A-Church profile when you update your church's information. For video instructions on how, visit Video Tutorial: Find-A-Church Overview
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  • October 31st & November 7: Emotional Intelligence and Diversity Training. Part 1: 10/31 at 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM. Part 2: 11/7 at12:30 PM – 3:30 PM. Download the flyer. Register online.
  • November 14: Annual Faith-Sharing Event–Evangelism in a Changing Landscape. Zoom, 9 AM – 12 PM. Register online.
  • December 13: Annual “Celebrating our Cultures” Event, Zoom online meeting
  • January 30, 2021: Basic Sexual Ethics Workshop, via Zoom.
  • March 6, 2021: Advanced Sexual Ethics Workshop. 9:30 AM – 3 PM. Register Online.
  • March 13, 2021: Tools for Ministry. Times and Places TBD by Districts.
  • May 15, 2021: Latino Holy Convocation and Assembly
  • May 15, 2021: Clergy Transition Workshop led by Dave Woolverton. Location TBD.
  • August 6 - 8, 2021: Laity Academy

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