Welcome to the first quarter newsletter from NEXT Energy Technology. Our goal is to keep you updated on the latest developments in our mission to reduce carbon emissions through innovative technology. Looking back on Q1, we are delighted with the attention and acclaim we have garnered thanks to our installation project at the Patagonia headquarters.

The Patagonia headquarters project marked a significant milestone for NEXT Energy. This proof-of-concept brought to life our decade-long engineering propositions, and we are excited to scale up this product and bring it to the market on a larger scale. 

The current landscape of solar shows increasing demand. With the aid of government incentives and the continuous expansion of state policies, we anticipate a surge in solar installations that will not only be extensive but also encompass a wider range of products. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), solar energy is currently the world's fastest-growing source of electricity, with its installed capacity increasing by an average of 22% annually over the last decade.

As we eagerly anticipate future accomplishments in the market, we are thrilled to share with you some of the highlights and announcements that have led to our success in Q1. We are grateful for your continued support as we strive to enhance our transparent photovoltaic window technology and make a positive impact on the built environment. 
Outdoor Retailer Patagonia Tests Solar Windows
We broke the news of our milestone installation project with the help of the Wall Street Journal. Read the first account of our Patagonia project.
NEXT Tests Energy Harvesting Solar Windows at Patagonia Headquarters
While NEXT Energy serves the glass and solar industries, we were thrilled to see the recognition we received from some of the most renowned glass media outlets.
Patagonia Installs Solar Windows Developed by Santa Barbara Company
Installing our product on a locally-based business allowed us to hone in on an environment and market territory we’ve been surrounded by for years. We’re grateful for local recognition of this effort and for the community that celebrated this milestone with us. 
Is it finally time to take solar windows seriously?
NEXT’s installation project is increasing the viability of solar windows as a source of renewable energy. We’re thankful to be recognized by those in the solar power community as a leader in innovation.
These Windows Generate Power
We unpack how our window technology is capable of generating electricity from sunlight with BUILDINGS. The engineering behind NEXT’s solar windows has produced a thin film coating to absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity.

Solar Energy in the Built World is Going Beyond Simple Rooftop Panels
Our technology is meant to create resiliency and diversity in the solar tech sector. Propmodo summarizes our innovative technology and explains how it falls in line with other advancements in renewable energy.
On our blog: New tech, clean future, better planet – our milestone installation project with Patagonia
Read all about the future impact that our product will have on overall carbon emission reductions. In this blog, we recall the Patagonia installation efforts from beginning to end and explain how NEXT’s PV glass proves superior to traditional windows. Check it out!
From our CEO: Transparent Solar—Clean, Abundant, and Right Where We Need It
While NEXT continues to champion a movement of diverse solar energy scape, our CEO, Daniel Emmett, shares how the Patagonia installation project established NEXT’s solar harvesting windows as a viable demonstration of what the next step in solar looks like. Read here.
From our Community: NEXT recognized at Central Coast Innovation Award
NEXT was recognized with the Corporate Innovator Award at the annual Central Coast Innovation Awards in March 2023. The award recognized our milestone project with Patagonia and established NEXT as a leader in climate innovation. Read the full release.

Each year, the Business Council for Sustainable Energy partners with BloombergNEF to produce the Sustainable Energy in America Factbook, a compilation of charts, graphs, and statistics about the current status of the clean-energy industry and its future trajectory. The 2023 edition is out and it shows a record year for investment in clean energy and installations of renewables. As Heather Reams and Lisa Jacobson point out in their opinion piece in The Hill, the clean energy sector is now hard-wired into the U.S. economy, reviving American industry with new jobs and revenue and enhancing national security with resilient energy systems.

One Vanderbilt, in the heart of New York City, is built to be especially climate-friendly. But the design landscape and city rules have changed quickly. Stranded assets are real and a significant, unnecessary risk in the transition to a carbon-free grid. This New York Times article is a cautionary tale for building owners and developers of “unplanned obsolescence” taking a closer look at a building that was built to be an environmental showpiece, but it’s already out of date — and it has been open only since late 2020.

Like many cleantech investors, Ion Yadigaroglu is incredibly pleased with the US climate bill passed last year. He’s also convinced that Europe unless it marshals a similar response, is doomed.  

Yadigaroglu’s Bloomberg Green interview is a fascinating listen about how the investment world has changed since the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act and how it’s forcing the European Union to get savvier about the business side of its climate strategy.
NEXT Energy Technologies is a Santa Barbara, California company developing transparent photovoltaic window technology that allows architects and building owners to transform windows and glass facades into producers of low-cost, on-site, renewable energy for buildings. NEXT's technology is enabled by proprietary organic semiconducting materials that are earth-abundant, low-cost, and coated as an ink in a high-speed, low-cost, low-energy process. For more information, visit
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