I’m pleased to be assuming the responsibilities as NEXT Energy’s new chief executive officer, with the goal of helping NEXT navigate a long-anticipated phase of growth. My predecessor, co-founder Daniel Emmett, has guided the company through its critical early stages and will also move into a new role as executive chairman. In his new role, Daniel will continue to provide strategic leadership with fundraising, business development, and accessing new high-value markets.

While NEXT enters into a new growth stage, we turn our attention to commercializing our product. My background in commercializing technology gives me the experience necessary to lead a highly technical product to market. We’re eager to engage new customers, reach new markets, and serve the greater need of reducing carbon emissions from commercial buildings. 

This transition is not done without a great deal of gratitude for the NEXT team of strategic leaders and engineers that are spearheading a new wave of renewable energy. NEXT’s highly-skilled team is not only crafting highly advanced technology, they’re also committed to staying at the leading edge of innovation, continually pushing for breakthroughs in climate solutions. 

We look forward to all the success that lies ahead for NEXT Energy. Enjoy this quarter’s newsletter, highlighting some of what we’ve been up to amid the strategic forward movement. 


Brenton Taylor, CEO NEXT Energy Technologies 
Six Transformative New Green Energy Companies

NEXT is honored to be mentioned as one of Forbes’ spotlight green energy companies. Forbes points out how NEXT’s windows are on track to help commercial buildings achieve net-zero goals at a lower cost than other solar power technologies – making us a leader in the global energy transition. 

“As our project gains momentum and approaches commercialization, we’re thrilled to be identified as a leader in clean energy generation by Forbes. Earlier this year, we established a viable demonstration of our product that brought us one step closer to widespread adoption. Our team is eager to set forward some real change with our breakthrough technology.”
– Daniel Emmett, NEXT Energy’s Executive Chairman

Photovoltaic Windows Cut Energy Use in Highly-Glazed Buildings

Researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) reported in a November 2022 study that highly-glazed skyscrapers can reduce energy use and emissions by 40% with high-performance glazing. This article mentions NEXT’s multi-year photovoltaic window project with NREL and concludes that while energy use increases when a building has more windows than walls, adding PV glazing decreases energy usage.

Chalk Up Another Win For Invisible Solar Windows

Solar-harvesting technology is on the rise and we’re thrilled to be called out by CleanTechnica as an innovator in clean energy. The article examines the success of NEXT’s solar windows thus far, highlighting their increasing potential for a positive impact on energy generation.

California Grants $3 million for Solar Photovoltaic Window Coating Production

NEXT saw significant funding come through this past quarter, awarding us for leading innovation in climate technology in California. We’re excited to be recognized for this milestone by industry experts. 

Inogen Co-founder Lands CEO Job at Next Energy

NEXT Energy wrapped Q2 by appointing Brenton Taylor, former COO of NEXT Energy, CEO. We're thrilled to see our community support our strategic step forward and look forward to scaling our efforts in the coming years and months.

On Our Blog: RAMP Grant Announcement
NEXT received significant state funding and recognition for its innovation and contribution to state climate goals. The funding enables NEXT to move closer toward commercialization and widespread adoption! 

From Our New CEO: NEXT’s Forward Momentum
Our team is changing as we become more strategically positioned for commercialization. Hear from our new CEO, Brenton Taylor, as he gears up to lead our team to market readiness.

"NEXT’s strategic vision and timeline, combined with my experience in bringing a highly-technical product to market, create the ideal opportunity to accelerate NEXT into commercial success." -Brenton Taylor, CEO of Next Energy Technologies

In Our Community: NEXT on Display at MOXI Museum of Exploration & Innovation
We’re thrilled to be on display at Santa Barbara’s Moxi Museum this summer. The interactive exhibit shows the science behind our solar-harvesting windows. Visit NEXT this summer at Moxi! 

NREL Windows Research Clearly Making a Difference

National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) researchers continually focus on enhancing energy efficiency and durability of windows – exploring dynamic window technology, high thermal performance technologies, and photovoltaic solutions. Collaboration with industry partners and field validation studies are regularly carried out to assess window performance in real-world conditions. NREL's research aims to provide evidence of window performance and durability to encourage the adoption of energy-efficient window technologies.
Clean Energy investment to Hit $1.7T, Widening Lead on Fossil Fuels

Recent data from the International Energy Agency shows that global investment in clean energy is projected to reach approximately $1.7 trillion this year, significantly exceeding the expected investment of slightly over $1 trillion in fossil fuels. This growing investment gap between clean energy and fossil fuels indicates a shift in global priorities toward sustainable energy solutions.
How U.S. Cities Are Finding Creative Ways to Fund Climate Progress

A recent evaluation of decarbonization plans from 50 major US cities revealed that while progress is being made, there are still financing challenges that need to be addressed. Only 70% of cities integrated funding and finance considerations into their decarbonization strategies, and just 34% estimated the financial impacts of their strategies. However, there are cities that stand out for their innovative funding approaches. Portland and Denver have established dedicated climate funds through ballots that raise sustainable funding for climate solutions. These funds prioritize equity-focused projects and provide transparency in local climate regulations.
NEXT Energy Technologies is a Santa Barbara, California company developing transparent photovoltaic window technology that allows architects and building owners to transform windows and glass facades into producers of low-cost, on-site, renewable energy for buildings. NEXT's technology is enabled by proprietary organic semiconducting materials that are earth-abundant, low-cost, and coated as an ink in a high-speed, low-cost, low-energy process. For more information, visit
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