IPAY Showcase Selection Chair Rebecca Podsednik | image by Kate Raines
Thank you 2020 Showcase Selection Committee!
Cheers to our incredible Selection Committee Chairs, who served on  their last committee this summer.

2020 Showcase Selection Committee
Rebecca Podsednik has guided IPAY's Showcase  Selection Committee with a steady  hand for the last three years. Her  valuable insight as a presenter in the field of performing arts for young people  and deep commitment to equitable process  has been vital during her tenure as the Selection Committee Chair. Over the last three years, Rebecca has welcomed an entirely new group of committee members, bringing unheard voices and perspectives to the review process.

Rebecca worked with the IPAY staff year-round to guide the application submission and review process towards success, with logistical support  from Co-Chair,   Jim Packard. We are so grateful for their hard work, resources and energy, and  their service to our mission.

Thank you Rebecca and Jim!

James Packard
Selection Committee Co-Chair 
Theater Manager 
Long Island Children's Museum  
Garden City, New York
Rebecca M. Podsednik
Selection Committee Chair
Assistant Director, Programming
New York, New York

Click below to learn more about the selection process or application guidelines, and meet the full 2020 Selection Committee.
IPAY Showcase 2020 in Philadelphia: January 21-25, 2020
January 21: IPAY SPARK Pre-Conference in partnership with TYA/USA
Mark your calendar for this year's IPAY Showcase! IPAY  returns to Center City, Philadelphia for another year of exciting performances for young people and families.  Showcase 2020 will feature  extraordinary live performances  from  Australia, Canada, Chile, Ireland, South Korea, Sweden, United Kingdom, and the United States!

Kindling: TWIST & FLIP
an exploration of Circus and Dance for Young Audiences

IPAY continues to offer a robust program of professional development opportunities for all members of our community, as well as residencies for developing artists, fellowships for graduate students, and supported opportunities for students and families in Philadelphia to see full-length performances. 

This year's TWIST & FLIP Kindling focus will begin during the SPARK Pre-Conference and build through Showcase through curated panels, workshops, and conversations, exploring the creation and touring of circus and dance for young audiences. 

We hope to host you in our home city for another unforgettable conference this January!

image by Wide Eyed Studios
Thank you to all of the donors who contributed to this campaign. 
We reached 22% of our goal, raising $4,400.

While we did not make our final go al in the allotted time frame of 30 days, we will continue to fundraise for this effort until we do. This means not only relying on our existing donor base, but also reaching out to new donors. We're still matching all donations 1:1, and you can still help!
If you know anyone who you think would support our initiative for WOMXN 2020, please NOMINATE them by filling out this form!

If you are as passionate as we are about making a long term commitment to increasing access for womxn in the field, please sign up to make a monthly donation, and IPAY will continue to match your support.  Just $5 per month, doubled by IPAY, would provide over $100 of support for 
our global community of womxn.

Stay tuned for more developments on our efforts as Showcase approaches. We'll see you in Philadelphia in January 2020, where we'll be  adding a new award to celebrate the achievements of womxn in the field of performing arts for youth!
IPAY 2020 WOMXN Campaign Interviews
video shot and edited by Brittany Parker of Bee Parks and the Hornets
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