Group Coaching & Other Updates
Hello! Please note that due to the current circumstances I will have more virtual rather than local offerings. This means if you've only been receiving my weekly PGG emails every Friday, you'll be getting a few more emails from me per month. At some point I'll change the list preferences in the subscriber profile but for now, please contact me should you have any questions or concerns.

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Hi Everyone!

In addition to my weekly PGG notes and essays, this email is to highlight other ways I can help you navigate work and life during these challenging times - please feel free to share with anyone who could benefit!

Looking for a little direct support, guidance and connection? This month's online group coaching is next Monday, 9/21 - it's an affordable way to work with me and connect with others of like-mind. Also, since we're still in the thick of it, I will continue offering my Self-Care in the Midst of Sea Change talk - this time on Tuesday 9/29. Even if you've attended before, remember each time is slightly different and it's great for reinforcement! See below for all the details and registration as well as other videos and resources that can help you right now.

And as always, I'm available to work with one-on-one so scroll down for details or click here for my coaching website.

Please let me know if there is anything you'd like to see me offer at this time - open to any and all suggestions. Deep breaths and hope to "see" you soon!

Big hug <3
Upcoming Group Coaching
The next Tuesday Talk Group Coaching will take place
Monday, September 21st from 5:00pm - 7:00pmET

If you've attended an in-person group session in the past, the virtual session is more or less the same - I will give an intro/overview, then each person will have 15-25 minutes of individual attention depending on the size of the group. There will be sharing, discussion and support from everyone present, and of course, homework at the end :) It's a great way to get some coaching at an extremely affordable rate and connect with like-minded folks who also resonate with me/my approach and could provide additional valuable input and resources.

Please register using the button below.
Space is limited to 10 people so grab your spot now!
If it's after 1pmET that day, please contact me to see if there is room.

Monday, September 21st 5-7pmET
Virtual via Zoom - invite link sent prior to session.
Cost: $44
*If you are having extreme financial hardship and want to attend please contact me and I will consider a sliding scale on a case by case basis, pending space availability
Upcoming Talks
I'll be offering several workshops & talks via Zoom but you can always watch full-length past talks and other clips on my YouTube Channel
Navigating times of transition for healing and personal growth
Monthy live presentation, next on:
September 29th 5:30-7pmET

Watch two clips from last month's talk:

We are living in extraordinary times where our inner strength and adaptability have been put to the test, and will continue to be throughout the near future.  How have you been adjusting to the major change all around us and what would you like your career and life to look like as a result? What have you needed to learn, confront or transform? What internal or external blocks are you struggling with? How can you move through everyday realities with more ease and less stress? 

Join personal growth expert and holistic career coach Kristina Leonardi where she will offer new perspectives, tips, and tools to help make this time the most productive, positive and healing it can be. It’s a great opportunity to gather with like-minded folks and gain the connection and support you might be missing in order to create a stronger internal foundation to navigate the road and ride the waves ahead.

*Please note each time I do my talks they're a little different, and the people who attend add their unique energy to the discussion. So even if you've attended before there is always something new you can get from it, not the least of which is reinforcement!*

Tuesday, September 29th
5:30pm - 7pmET
Virtual via Zoom - invite link sent prior to session
A recording of the talk will be send to those who registered.
Cost: $26/$17/$8*
(*Due to the current crisis I understand that many folks are experiencing financial hardship. Cost shouldn't prohibit you from attending so please pay what you are able).

If you're looking for some compassionate candor and a dose of tough love, Kristina is the coach for you.... I came into this really lacking clarity and walked away with a sense of relief. Can't recommend her enough. ~ Kevin R.

Here is a playlist on my YouTube channel of all the "Today's thoughts" Spring 2020 video messages I've done so far that specifically address the current crisis and how to navigate uncertain times:

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In this Instagram Live conversation with Zanade Mann of The Grand Reset:

"Kristina gives us insight into what many people have been looking for... purpose. Her ideas provide a different perspective to the discussion of mindfulness and life’s mission."

Don't have 1 1/2 hours to listen to my interview but need a little motivation and stress relief?

Here's a 4 minute clip:

What does security mean to you in 2020 and beyond? Excerpt from Kristina's virtual talk that took place on Thursday, June 4, 2020 called “What’s Next? Using the Great Pause for Personal & Professional Development.” .
Click here to watch the entire talk: https://bit.ly/2zuWEks

Here's a 3 minute clip:

Now more than ever it's time to find gratitude in our lives. No matter what your individual circumstances, remember that what you focus on grows, so be sure to focus on what you can be grateful for, even if is just your own heart beating at this moment.
Click here to watch the entire talk:

Remember you can watch past talks and other clips on my

Staying Motivated Throughout the Job Search: How Losing Your Job is a Good Thing

Who Are You & What Are You Supposed to Be Doing with Your Life?

Stepping Stones for Success - Dec.

Authentic Branding: Letting the Real You Shine in Any Situation - June 2019

Staying Motivated Throughout the Job Search Process - May 2019

Looking for a shorter clip?

Watch 1- 6 minute clips on my YouTube
channel and subscribe to get notified when new ones are uploaded!


What can working with Kristina do for you? Here's what one client had to say: 

 I gained valuable tools and productive habits from this experience. More importantly, I gained CLARITY as a result of "doing the work" that Kristina recommended. She was easy to talk to (down-to-earth), encouraging and intuitive. She did a great job at helping me identify which obstacles stood in the way, what needed shifting, what didn't, and how to "get to the core" or the root of the problem... I wholeheartedly recommend her! 
~ Ivan S.  

Kristina is more than a career coach - she's incredibly intuitive and can really help you realign your life. ~ Megan S.

Did you know you can get one-on-one coaching with Kristina?

Since I last spoke with you, I've had some pretty dramatic changes - New Job, a Big Move, Healthy Dating Relationship. It's been pretty awesome. Emotionally, I've done a 180, and my life is certainly a reflection of that. My last session with you spurred a lot of wonderful life changes.  ~ Palanda B.

As a result of working with Kristina, I now have the tools, motivation and perspective to create my dream career and life. Because of her insights and expertise, I am the happiest and most content I've ever been and found an incredible peace of mind. ~ Alyssa C. 
Your insights have had a huge impact on my career and my self-confidence and planted this seed of truth in me that I knew I had to start tending to. I share this story here. I just wanted to say thank you for your advice and I'm glad we crossed paths. ~ Anna W.

Kristina gave me permission to be myself! I can say no other person has empowered me in that way as much as she has - and I am TRULY forever grateful for that." ~ Cherise R.

Kristina’s coaching expertise is phenomenal — all-encompassing, inclusive of the mind, body & spirit, nonjudgmental, insightful and deeply involved in providing solutions and tools to be a better version of yourself." ~ Audrey N.

Did you know you can have Kristina speak at your company or organization?

A highlight of my relationship with Kristina was bringing her in to lead a team-building workshop with the communications department I was a part of at LVMH/Moët Hennessy. She helped frame a discussion and subsequent workshop that were enormously insightful and left us all feeling energized and more closely bonded. I highly recommend Kristina's services to any individual or team looking to feel more connected to their work, themselves or one another! ~ Damon O'Donnell, LMVH

I am always looking for speakers who are interesting, dynamic and "real" who are able to educate and motivate my group of highly intelligent and creative minds. I found that with Kristina. The members were involved and inspired. The group and I really enjoyed our time with her. I'm sure each and every one of us took something positive away from the encounter. Kristina gave a wonderful, thought provoking presentation to the group. She is truly a breath of fresh air. It is obvious that Kristina is doing what she preaches and excels at it. I highly recommend Kristina as a coach, speaker and mentor.
~ Randi Pincus, LI Marketing Group
Please be sure to let me know if you are affiliated with any group, company or organization that needs a speaker on the topics of active listening, communications, career transition, work/life wellness, or employee engagement  I'd be happy to send more information to whoever the contact might be.

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