UMASS NF1 Gene Therapy Project

Kim Bischoff, Executive Director of the Neurofibromatosis Network, Karen Peluso, NF Northeast Executive Director, and Lori Ryan, Chair of the NF Northeast Board of Directors met with Miguel Sena-Esteves, PhD, a researcher at UMASS Medical School. Dr. Sena-Esteves informed them about his exciting new project to develop gene therapies for NF1.

Pigs Play Critical Role in Fight Against NF1

Cutting edge research being done at the UW-Madison NF research facility has created a pig model similar to their daughter. This advancement means hope for the Geier family.

Investigating the Role of Fibroblasts in the Pathogenesis of Neurofibromas

With support from an Exploration-Hypothesis Development Award through the NFRP, Dr. Lu Le and his team are investigating the role of fibroblasts in the tumor microenvironment and hippo signaling pathway in neurofibromas.

Las Vegas' 9th Annual NF Hope ® Concert

An exceptional experience every time! NF Hope Concert hits a new stage and embraces an intimate vibe for the 9th celebration of raising awareness for neurofibromatosis.

"Not only a gifted neuro-oncologist..."

Dr. Herbert Newton, who is not only a gifted neuro-oncologist and the Director of AHMG’s Neuro-Oncology Center, spends his free time as an equally gifted bass guitar player.

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The mission of the NF Network  "is   to find treatments and a cure for neurofibromatosis by promoting scientific research, improving clinical care, and providing outreach through education and awareness while offering hope and support to those who affected by NF."
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