NFCA Member Resources - COVID-19
We hope you and your family are safe as this Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) works its way around the world. 

The NFCA Executive Committee and Board have been communicating a lot recently on the COVID-19 virus and its effect on members and the association. As a result, NFCA's Educational Conference, NFCA's Education for the NFCA SFRM and IFRM Fireproofing Exams - for contractor DRI's and inspectors proving competence, has been postponed until later this year. The date is still TBD.

To date, there has been a lot of information circulated about the novel coronavirus COVID-19. The situation is evolving rapidly, with more information coming out hourly about cases, outcomes, government responses, and more.

Below is some consolidated information, a resource for COVID-19, your Association gathering information received and distributing it to our Membership in the hopes of informing those who may not have access to the same information we receive. This is by no means meant to be comprehensive or authoritative. Note the top three items are very specific to the construction industry and NFCA.

State/Province/Emirate Departments-Ministries of Public Health  – Visit each Department, Ministry, that is in your area.

As always, watch website for continued updates.
The NFCA office is working remotely given the present situation, but available as needed.

We can be reached by calling (708) 236-3411 or by email,