National Fireproofing Contractors Association Enews August 2020
NFCA 2020 Fireproofing Educational Conference
Virtual Event - Sept. 22-24

  • 10:30a to 2:00p, CDT, each day
  • Register one time for all three days
  • FREE for NFCA Members, Architects, Building Code Officials, Fire Marshals and Specifiers.
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  • NFCA Award of Excellence Announcements & Highlights
  • NFCA Top 10 List from the Manufacturers
  • Speed Core Buildings, Charlie Carter, American Institute of Steel Construction
  • Potential Liability & How to Protect Your Business, Karen Layng, JD, M.A.I.T. Co.
  • Project Management, Curt Baske, GCP Applied Technologies
  • The Business Side of Contracting, Kevin Doughtery
  • The Construction Economy, Ken Simonson, Associated General Contractors' (AGC) Chief Economist
  • Codes Forward, What's Coming? Bill McHugh & Rich Walke
  • Fire-Resistance & Safety, Performance Based Structural/Fire Building Design, Restrained & Unrestrained Ratings and the future, Jose Torero, Consultant
2020 NFCA Virtual Conference Sponsors
NFCA Free Webinar Series
Fireproofing Board Systems
Thursday, September 17, 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Central Time
Fireproofing Board, Advantages, Disadvantages & More

Join NFCA and Matt Auchy, Albi Protective Coatings, Director of Sales, as Matt discusses Fireproofing Board: advantages, disadvantages, fire-resistance rated assemblies, application and more. Register now and join us to learn about fireproofing board.
Weekly Tool Box Talks
Do you struggle with weekly topics to discuss with your employees? Check out OSHA's website which offers weekly tool box talks free for download.

NFCA Representing the Industry
Safety Alert
NFCA Handbook of Accepted Fireproofing Knowledge
This new document has had great reviews so far. Even though it’s only a few months old, we’ve already started work on additional chapters for the document. The NFCA Technical and Education Committee has met twice already to discuss additional chapters to write. Watch and your Enews for updates.
NFCA's New UL Partnership
The recently relaunched UL Qualified SFRM Contractor Program has generated a lot of interest. UL’s Ruben Sandoval and NFCA’s office report having conversations with NFCA Members about the program. Did you know that the NFCA Contractor Accreditation Program (CAP) is a requirement to get started? NFCA Accredited Contractors who have a valid DRI on staff are ready to build their management system and start the process to get UL Qualified. UL is discounting the cost to get UL Qualified – if you get started in 2020. Email for info on how to get started. We are glad to talk you through the process.
While the ASTM Meetings have been cancelled, work continues on the ASTM Inspection Standards and Fire Test Standards.
The International Code Council’s Code Development Process has already kicked off with the Code Action Committees (CAC) in full swing. The NFCA participates in the Fire CAC and watches the Building CAC actions as well. Discussions include performance based structural design, occupied roofs, and much more. NFCA’s Code Committee will have met twice since June – with lots to discuss. NFPA’s Code Development Process starts in June, 2021. NFCA will be working on definitions for Intumescent Fire-Resistive Materials, clarifying in the code the concept of ‘attachments’ – structural, non structural – Table 601 clarifications, continuity clauses, and more. Watch for updates.
NFCA & Industry Relationships
NFCA has been participating in discussions with the American Institute of Steel Construction and American Iron and Steel Institute on various issues, questions, and building relationships along the way. It’s important that a dialogue take place with them, as well as organizations such as the National Redi Mix Concrete Association, NFPA, International Code Council, Society of Fire Protection Engineers and many others. NFCA President Martin Rodriguez and Past President Jon Wohl attended the AISC’s Innovation Conference. Past President John Taglienti watches the Safety organizations closely and provides us with great insight and educational material for safety tips. NFCA values relationships, and looks forward to working with members, leaders and many others in the industry.
NFCA's Handbook of Accepted Fireproofing Knowledge is here!
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The NFCA Handbook of Accepted Firepoofing Knowledge provides Fireproofing Contractors, Inspection Agencies, Specifiers, Code Officials, with detailed information on all key aspects of Fireproofing. The document covers SFRM and IFRM, and more. Click here to learn more!
NFCA Welcomes New Members
Associate Member:
Fischer Technology, Windsor, CT

Contractor Members:
Accurate Firestop & Insulation, Pleasanton, CA
Arango Fireproofing LLC, Fayetteville, GA

Interim Contractor Members:
Accurate Insulation, a IBP Co., Grand Junction, CO
Strong Foam Insulation Inc., Kitchener, ON
Titan Fireproofing Corp., Thornhill, ON
Membership supports educational opportunities specific to fireproofing and advocacy efforts on behalf of fire safety and the industry. Thank you for your membership!

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