National Fireproofing Contractors Association Enews March 2021
NFCA Free Webinar Series
"NEW 2021 Building Code, IBC & IFC"
Tuesday, March 16, 2021, 1:00 to 2:00 Central Time

Join NFCA's Bill McHugh and Consultant Rich Walke, as they cover the NEW 2021 International Building Code and successful proposals from NFCA. They will also cover the new fireproofing requirements in the 2021 code, and provide some highlights about the 2024 Code Development Process.
2021 NFCA Fireproofing Education & Exams
Virtual Format June 2021 and Live In-Person October 2021
NFCA’s Fireproofing Education for the NFCA SFRM and IFRM Fireproofing Exams is the first step to DRI Status in the NFCA Contractor Accreditation Program, (NFCA CAP), UL’s Qualified SFRM Contractor Program, and for Special Inspection Agency personnel who need to prove fireproofing competency to the AHJ.

NFCA will offer NFCA's Fireproofing Education and Exams for IFRM and SFRM CAP Program in a virtual format, June  2021. Details and registration to be announced soon.

The NFCA Fireproofing Education and Exams will also be offered October 2021, in person, prior to the 2021 NFCA Fireproofing Annual Conference. Details to be announced!

Inspector or Contractor, NFCA’s Handbook of Fireproofing Knowledge is your resource to prepare for the NFCA SFRM and or IFRM Fireproofing Exams. Order today!
Special Offer Extended 4/30/21
UL Qualified SFRM Contractor Program
Planning on becoming a UL SFRM Qualified Contractor?
Complete your application for the UL SFRM Qualified Contractor Program by 4/30/21 to take advantage of UL's Special Offer of $4,000 for the initial audit cost, normally $7,200. Contact NFCA for more information (708) 236-3411, or

The NFCA CAP Accredited SFRM Contractors have proven knowledge through the NFCA SFRM Education and Exam. The UL Qualified SFRM Contractor Program is the next step to set your company apart from the competition through a third party quality management system audit.
Over the past few years, NFCA and manufacturer partners have been working on a new ASTM Standard for Fireproofing Inspection. Isolatek’s Phil Mancuso recently balloted two separate standards for approval, one for SFRM and another for IFRM.

NFCA also requested the Board and Wrap industry develop ASTM Inspection Standards for their products when used as fireproofing. Ballot results will be analyzed for SFRM/IFRM Inspection standards soon. Both activities take place at ASTM Committee E06.
The International Code Council’s Committee Action Hearings take place April 11 through May 5, 2021. NFCA proposal topics include:

  • Attachments to Structural Members
  • Clarifying Table 601 Footnotes and the 20’ rule
  • Safer Occupiable Rooftops
  • Column encasement
  • Fire-Resistance & ASTM E119/UL 26

The code development ‘Monograph’ of all the proposals is available at  To listen in this April, or participate, visit 
Generators should be used outdoors and at least 20 ft. from doors, windows, and vents. Portable generators are internal combustion engines used to generate electric. Click here to go to OSHA's Fact Sheet on specific hazards and how to use generators safety to ensure worker safety.
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