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NFCA June VIRTUAL Education & SFRM/IFRM Fireproofing Exams
June 21-23, 2021
To become a Designated Responsible Individual (DRI) under the NFCA Contractor Accreditation Program (CAP) and UL Qualified SFRM Program, the company shall have a person pass the NFCA SFRM Fireproofing Exam.

Contractors, sign up for the SFRM and or IFRM Fireproofing Exams, have the company get NFCA Accredited under the CAP, and become a DRI --
Inspection agencies it's time to learn more about fireproofing application and inspection to prove competence of SFRM and IFRM fireproofing inspection--
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2021 NFCA Annual Conference
and Accreditation Program
October 11-15, 2021
MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW for the NFCA Annual Conference to be held at the
JW Marriott on Canal Street, New Orleans!
We'll have great lineup of speakers, elections, education for NFCA Contractor Accreditation Program (CAP) SFRM, IFRM DRI's for contractors and inspector personnel to prove competence, code hearing results and much more.
Oct. 11-13: NFCA's CAP, SFRM and IFRM DRI's Fireproofing Exams
Oct. 13-15: Educational and interactive sessions with networking and social opportunities.
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NFCA & UL’s Qualified SFRM Contractor Program Discount Extended
UL’s Ruben Sandoval has extended the discount deadline to become UL SFRM Contractor Qualified. Save $3,000 by applying before NFCA's Annual Conference in October. Go to UL Qualified Contractor for full details. To start the UL Qualification process, contact
NFCA DRI’s The NFCA Contractor Accreditation Program requires 30 hours of Continuing Education every 3 years. Are you up to date? NFCA tracks your hours of attendance at NFCA Events and Webinars. Check in with or if you are not sure about how many hours you have to date.
NFCA’s Webinars
The NFCA Educational Webinar Series attendance continues to grow. Check out these dates and important topics! 
June 17 UL Product iQ including the searching and reading listings
Rich Walke, CTI, Consultant to NFCA
July 27 UL Qualified SFRM Program - Ruben Sandoval
NFCA CAP Program - Bill McHugh
August 31 Carboline, ASTM E119/UL 263 Standards, and much more. 

Watch for the fall schedule out later this summer.
The USA’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is normally thought of as a safety organization – as in fall protection, etc. Diseases such as COVID-19 are also mentioned at OSHA. In fact, OSHA has published a Frequently Asked Question Section on the COVID-19 Vaccines at . There’s a lot to ponder for employers in this FAQ, depending on your policies to require or not require vaccinations. Tread carefully….
NFCA Members & Material Shortages
We heard the following from Chris Little at Clark Dietrich – who was thinking about NFCA Contractor Members, “The steel gauge and grade used to make expanded metal lath is in short supply right now and the ability to get a large amount of sheets in a short period of time will be very difficult, if not impossible. I recommend all your contractor members get current costs and more importantly - lead-times - from their suppliers to know where they stand on upcoming work.”
Thanks Chris…we appreciate hearing from you.
NFCA @ ICC's Code Development Process
NFCA's work at the ICC Code Hearings kicked off last summer, as we developed code proposals to improve fire and life safety in buildings through fireproofing determined in accordance with ASTM E119 & UL 263 Fire tests.

We had a great ICC International Building Code Development Hearings earlier this month with key items APPROVED by the ICC General and Fire Safety Code Committee. Even items that were DISAPPROVED were a victory. The big victory was an NFCA/AISC/CALFire collaboration on a committee approved code proposal that means steel wire attachments don’t need fireproofing equal to the rated assembly or building element. We have one more round of hearings to go in Late Sept. before we can say we’re truly successful.  Look for a full report at NFCA’s Annual Conference. 
Have you ordered the NFCA's Handbook of Accepted Fireproofing Knowledge?
The NFCA Handbook of Accepted Firepoofing Knowledge provides Fireproofing Contractors, Inspection Agencies, Specifiers, Code Officials, with detailed information on all key aspects of Fireproofing. The document covers SFRM and IFRM, and more. Click here to learn more!

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