September 19, 2018
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With the damage brought about by Hurricane Florence to the Carolinas and neighboring states, the IAMAW has mobilized its resources to aid in the recovery process for affected members of the Machinists Union (of which NFFE members belong). To learn how you can DONATE to the IAM Disaster Relief Fund or APPLY for assistance, CLICK THE ABOVE IMAGE.

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September 17, 2018
Aging like a fine wine, NFFE turned 101 years old. While the past few years certainly brought its challenges to the Union and our members, we have a lot to celebrate. Through the dedication of our members and staff, we fought back three oppressive Executive Orders in federal court, we challenged the presidents attempt to freeze pay, we killed several attempts to dramatically reduce pensions and earned benefits, we stopped legislation to further limit or corrupt due process, and we brought down several unqualified presidential nominees who are undoubtedly anti-worker. 
After 101 years, we are stronger than ever. If any non-member bargaining unit employees question whether joining a union is a good investment in their future, just show them the list above and say, “You're welcome.”
Pubs and Dems want a Raise for Feds; FY ‘19 Funding Moving Forward
September 14, 2018
House and Senate appropriators are working hard to pass several “minibus” appropriations bills to fund the government for FY 2019, which begins October 1. As of today, one minibus covering the VA, Energy, Water and Military Construction is signed into law. A second minibus covering Defense, Labor, HHS, and Education was agreed to by both the House and Senate; a final vote is expected soon then it goes to the president for signature. 
The third minibus covering Interior, USDA, EPA, DOT, HUD and general government (which includes a 1.9% raise for federal employees in the Senate version), is less certain and will continue in debate over the next few weeks. A Continuing Resolution through December 7 th is expected to cover any agencies that do not have appropriations by October 1 st , thereby effectively avoiding a government shut down.
There is still time to send a letter to your Representative and Senators to support the pay raise.  Click this link and send your letters today!
September 9, 2018
Brothers and Sisters,
Please support the members and the families of those involved in the fatal explosion that occurred at Letterkenny Army Depot in July.
On July 19th, I made a Facebook post letting folks know that there had been a serious explosion at Letterkenny, stating that three NFFE-IAM members had been seriously hurt in the explosion. I mentioned in that posting that the union would be coordinating assistance for these members and their families. We are following through on that promise.
It is with great sadness that I report that since the incident on July 19th, two of our union brothers - Eric Byers and Richard Barnes - passed away from injuries. A third union brother, Cody Ash, suffered very serious injuries.
I am asking you to join me and many, many others across the country in contributing to the families impacted by this tragic explosion at Letterkenny Army Depot. These families are going through so much, and there is little we can do to change that. However, we can come together to show these families that their union brothers and sisters across the country are grieving with them and we support them.
Even if it is just a few dollars, please contribute today. Please SHARE this GoFundMe page on social media so that others can contribute as well. I thank you in advance for doing this. Your help means so much to all of us.
In Solidarity,
Randy Erwin
NFFE National President
Oops! VA Caught Recording NFFE Caucus Session
September 5, 2018

(Government Executive, 9/5/2018)

The parties had been going over Article 8 of NFFE’s contract with the department, which governs collective bargaining agreement negotiations, and contains a provision prohibiting the electronic recording of any aspect of negotiations. Summerlin said the incident completely derailed the day’s proceedings.
“I was so shocked,” she said. “I have never heard of this happening, where management was surreptitiously recording during a private caucus. It’s so beyond the pale, so egregious as to be fantastical. The idea that this would occur is outrageous. It’s a violation of the privacy of every VA employee in that room, and my privacy as an attorney protected by privilege in discussions with union officers and employees. It’s just unheard of.”
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