March 31, 2017
NFFE Video Alert
Your Union Needs You! 

NFFE is calling all union members to contact their Representatives in the House this week. We need your help in order to stop The Official Time Reform Act (H.R. 1364). After being delayed, we believe the bill will go to the floor next week. The bill is an attempt to limit the use of official time and would exclude it from counting towards an employee’s retirement and pension eligibility. This bill targets the financial security of individual union members and their families, and it is below the dignity of the United States Congress. 

Contact your representative today and demand that they vote "no" on H.R. 1364.

1) Send a text to Congress by texting "resist" to 50409. Enter your name, zip code and follow the prompts to send a letter to your representative. This is your best option, as some representatives are no longer taking calls due to full mailboxes.  

2) Call the Congress switchboard at 202-224-3121 and tell the operator you want to speak to your representative

3) Use the IAM Legislative Action Center to send a letter to your representative. 

4) View NFFE's letter to Congress, and inform your representatives of the harmful ramifications the bill will have if passed into law.             

Below is a sample prompt to use when calling or sending a text message: 

"Vote 'NO' on H.R. 1364, the Official Time Reform Act. The goal of this legislation is to eliminate the ability of federal employees to form and join a Union, and to viciously penalize federal employees who serve as union representatives, like stewards, by singling them out and retroactively cutting their pensions."