April 7, 2017
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April 7, 2017

UPDATE:  Congress leaves this week for a two-week recess without calling HR 1364 to the House floor for a vote. The bill restricts the use of official time and retroactively punishes employees who worked on official time in the past. This is a huge victory for the unions and others, who understand that official time is an important labor-management tool that ultimately saves the government money and helps agencies succeed. We believe HR 1364 is still headed to the floor after the recess, so please keep working to contact your Representatives to Say No to HR 1364.

Do your part now and contact your representative in Congress today:

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April 5, 2017

The National Federation of Federal Employees is standing in solidarity with our brothers and sisters of Local 1450 and those working within The Department of Housing and Urban Development. We are obligated to fight the Trump Administration’s proposed budget, which will cut HUD funding by over 13 percent for fiscal year 2018.

Oppose the $6 Billion HUD program cuts here  

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April 7, 2017

NFFE is invited to join IFPTE and other labor partners for the March for Science on Saturday, April 22 in Washington, DC. The March for Science aims to bring together scientists and concerned citizens alike in advocating for the vital role that science will continue to play for our health, development and security, from now into the future. 

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