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National NFP Awareness Week 2019 Special Edition
This is the third edition of the NFP Ministries quarterly newsletter. This newsletter contains professional development opportunities, important operational information, event promotions, and more. If you missed a previous newsletter, you can find an archive at in the "For NFP Teachers" page. You can also click the button below.
The NFP Ministry mission, vision and objectives are finally here! This is a big step towards our accreditation. Healthy diocesan NFP ministries are more than just the instruction of couples - these objectives illustrate steps we can take together to build a stronger culture of NFP among the clergy, in a medical setting, and in our communities. We've even set some specific SMART goals on a variety of mid-range and long-range projects to these ends.

Please take a look by clicking the image. I'd love to hear your ideas and am excited to know how your diverse skills and interests might be employed in the service of one or more of these objectives!
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Welcome Baby Thomas!
Kim and Aaron Spielbauer welcomed baby Thomas Anthony in June. While Baby Thomas is not so new anymore due to the timing of the newsletters, your prayers for his surgery were greatly appreciated!

Congrats Kim and Aaron!
New Annual Reporting Form
Here is an explanation as to the changes in the annual reporting form. In case some info will be required which you are not accustomed to retaining for clients, this video will help you make any changes to record keeping so you won't be caught off guard in January.
Professional Development Opportunity
The Sophia Institute is returning to Green Bay October 3rd to present on Theology of the Body. Reasons to join include:

*Hot breakfast and lunch provided
*Engaging materials provided
*Practical Application of TOB highlighted
*In line with recently adopted NFP ministry objectives

As you know, NFP instruction goes far beyond the mechanics of charting. Come and see how The Sophia Institute can help us engage client couples with challenging Christian teachings on marriage, relationships, and sexuality. Hope to see you there!
NFP Awareness Week 2019
* If you have any recent clients, consider sharing this offer with them before the deadline!
National NFP Awareness Week is July 21-27 and the diocese is celebrating in 3 ways:

1. By including in the Compass an article entitled "Talking Fertility With Your Doctor; A Disciple's Approach."

2. An offer to receive the Compass for a year was given to interested couples who began instruction between Memorial Day and Labor Day 2019.

3. People were invited to submit questions via Facebook for a written Q/A in the Compass. The questions are to be answered collaboratively by a small team of those in NFP ministry and used for a future Compass Publication.
New Tools Available on the "For NFP Instructors" Page
Love Language Materials Now in the Tools Library
When speaking about the benefits of NFP, I always say that NFP instruction goes beyond the mechanics of charting and chart interpretation. In addition to these things, NFP instruction and follow-ups can be a way to help a couple experience greater intimacy, help them navigate the challenges of abstaining or make referrals as needed to a competent spiritual director or medical professional. As a holistic ministry, one important tool for work with couples is the 5 love languages. While most may already be familiar with the love languages, having the quizzes handy in the "For NFP Instructors" page will be useful. Furthermore, completing the questionnaire can be a healthy intimacy building activity they can save for a rainy (or "abstainey") day!
Share what ways you help couples beyond the mechanics of charting. I'd like to share back out in our next newsletter!
NFP Ministry Prayer
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