NFP Ministries Spring Newsletter
This is a quarterly newsletter which I will have ready for the First week of each new season (with the exception of this one which is a bit random). This NFP Ministries newsletter is meant to minimize email communications on NFP ministry as I know all of you have busy lives and busy inboxes apart from the work you do in NFP ministry. In this newsletter, I hope to include communications regarding the reporting of NFP data, share articles on innovations in NFP science and ministry as well as other professional development opportunities as called for by the USCCB, promote events, share celebrations, etc.
Thank you for submitting your report of 2018 clients served this winter. This data is used by the USCCB and also by our office. As I spoke with each of you, I had inquired about the future reporting of this data. There was general consensus that once per year is fine, so I will contact you again in late January 2020 for the 2019 data.
In light of upcoming accreditation, the form for reporting the previous year's NFP data has been updated to distinguish between couples who have completed the full NFP course with follow-ups as prescribed by the respective method, clients who are in progress, and those who have discontinued education. This is the form that will be sent out next January. Please review and let me know if you have any questions.
NFP Class (en español)
Jessie and Marcos Cisneros are holding a Hispanic marriage prep at St. Therese in Appleton on April 27th from 9:00-11:00 AM. Please help direct any interested parties their way.

Contact Jessica Cisneros
(920) 944-4228
Food For Thought...
Interested in what it takes for a diocese to require a full NFP class as part of marriage prep? The USCCB completed a report in 2008 which outlines considerations that a diocese must consider as well as stories, sequences and strategies from dioceses which have done it already. This is a very long term goal and there would be much to do beforehand, but it never hurts to read about how it's been done elsewhere and think of the long term vision. While the ultimate authority on this matter belongs to the Bishop, this decision would be made with input from those on the ground. In that spirit, I am sharing the document below.
Cycle Power Summit
Consider looking into this FREE online summit featuring many renowned Catholic speakers. There is a paid option which would give you one year access to all the content of the conference including exclusive content. Topics geared towards new/potential NFP users as well as those working in NFP ministry.

One caveat is that this is a secular summit and the values and adherence of each of the speakers to Catholic teaching cannot be guaranteed, so please exercise caution with any new or potential NFP users you might share this information with.
USCCB Accreditation Update
In March, the USCCB steering committee met to review and adopt an NFP-specific mission statement as well as 4 broad primary objectives. Forthcoming will be the finalized text of this mission statement and objectives as well as some specific actionable objectives under each that the committee will identify. My hope is that this supporting document will briefly but succinctly illustrate how all players (clergy, NFP teachers, healthcare professionals, etc.) can play a role in helping further our NFP ministry objectives.
What are your thoughts...?
According to the USCCB, among the characteristics of a healthy and vibrant NFP ministry is that it provides ongoing formation to NFP teachers, even drawing from the expertise and interests of local NFP teachers.
What type of formational opportunities would you like to see from the Diocese of Green Bay?
Strategies for the Recruitment of future NFP teachers
Missionary Discipleship
Theology of the Body
NFP Ministry Prayer
  • Combined Marriage/NFP ministries volunteers appreciation dinner (Summer 2019)
  • NFP Steering Committee meeting #2 (May 1, 2019)
  • Publication of Inaugural Report of NFP Ministries (Fall 2019)
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Most of the communications I would need to send can be foreseen in advance, therefore, a quarterly newsletter would be a convenient communication option. The communications office requires consent to maintain a contact list for mailing purposes, so the button below is the instrument for revoking that consent. Recall that this newsletter is to come out quarterly and is meant to limit random emails in-between.