The NFRC Board has approved Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL) WINDOW 7.7.10 and THERM 7.7.10 for immediate use.  This bulletin is to announce clarification of use of WINDOW7.7/THERM7.7 for NFRC certification .  
Technical Bulletin 2020-01 was provided for implementation of WINDOW 7.7.10 / THERM 7.7.10. Beginning September 14, 2020, WINDOW7.7.10 / THERM7.7.10 (hereinafter referred to W7.7 / T7.7) will be the only approved software for NFRC 700 ratings for new certifications, re-certifications, or revisions/addendums. 
Clarification is being provided for shading systems which require use of W7.7 / T7.7.
1.- Beginning March 13, 2020, all ratings for shading system product options shall be simulated using W7.7 / T7.7. This includes blind options that require use of the CGDB. Blinds in the up and stacked position using THERM may be rated using either W7.4 / T7.4 or W7.7 / T7.7 until the sunset date.
2.- Reissues of product certification simulation reports shall be handled in the following manner:
  • Reissues containing only a company and/or product name change may continue to the certification expiration date and require no update.
  • Reissues that include new simulated product options, may continue to use W7.4 / T7.4 until the sunset date, except for certifications using shading systems requiring use of the CGDB. 
  • If new simulated product options containing shading systems are added to the reissued report, the shading system options requiring use of the CGDB shall be rated using W7.7 / T7.7. 
  • After the sunset date, all new simulated product options added to the reissued report shall use W7.7 / T7.7.
If you have any questions concerning the information in the NFRC Bulletin , please contact Kevin Louder at 240-821-6538; email: .

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