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No Waitlist for Appointments as NFSB Expands Counseling Program

We’re happy to see that more and more people view mental health as an important part of overall wellness. As a result, more people are actively seeking counseling to learn how to cope with difficult relationships, work stress, grief, substance use, and other challenges. More medical doctors are referring people to us for counseling. 

After all, sometimes you just need help figuring things out, and that’s okay.

Nutley Family Service Bureau (NFSB) is responding to this positive trend by expanding our mental health counseling program. We’re excited to add two clinicians to a wonderful team of eight social workers and counselors.

Appointments are available

9 am to 9 pm Monday - Thursday &

9 am to 6 pm on Friday.

We’re accepting new clients with no waitlist!

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NFSB Thrift Shop Expands Evening and Weekend Hours!

The stars have aligned, and the timing is perfect. People are back in stores, inventory is overflowing, thrifting has never been more popular, and most people still prefer to shop during evening and weekend hours.

That’s why we’re excited to announce expanded hours at The Thrift Shop at Nutley Family Service Bureau (NFSB) at 169 Chestnut Street!

Here are the new hours at The Thrift Shop.

Monday – Friday: 10 am–8 pm (previously 10-7)

Saturday: 9 am–5 pm (previously 9-3)

Sunday: 11 am–4 pm (previously closed)

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NFSB Volunteer Loretta:

“It Feels Like I’m Part of Something Special”

After nearly a half-century serving the people of Nutley, Loretta was ready to retire and move on to the next phase of life. Sitting around and watching the world go by was not an option.

“I wanted to find something to do and stay busy,” Loretta said. “A friend suggested looking into Nutley Family Service Bureau. I stopped by, started volunteering, and I’ve been there ever since. That was more than six years ago.”

Loretta knew about NFSB from their fundraising events in town and the township commissioners were involved in some capacity. However, she didn’t fully understand the scope of NFSB services and how many people were directly involved with the organization.

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NFSB Awards Scholarships in Honor of Ruth Bedford and the LoCurcio Family

Nutley Family Service Bureau (NFSB) has introduced $1,000 scholarships named for community leaders and long-time NFSB supporters Ruth Bedford and the LoCurcio family. We are proud to award the Bedford Scholarship to Alyssa Ostrowski and the LoCurcio Scholarship to Fiorella Rivera!

“These scholarships are part of our efforts to encourage the next generation to get involved with volunteering,” said Mike Padilla, President of the NFSB Board of Trustees. “Regardless of the path young people choose in life, we want service to be part of who they are so they always look for ways to make an impact in their community. We’re excited to help Alyssa and Fiorella as they take the next step in their journeys.”

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Alyssa Gives Back and Cultivates Her Talent Through Volunteering

Nutley Family Service Bureau (NFSB) is proud to award the first Bedford Scholarship to Alyssa Ostrowski of Nutley High School’s Class of 2022. The $1,000 scholarship is named for Ruth Bedford, a decades-long NFSB board member who was affectionately known by many as the matriarch of Nutley, and will be awarded to each year to a student who has volunteered at NFSB.

“Volunteering at Nutley Family Service Bureau opened my eyes to different parts of people’s lives,” Alyssa said. “It helped me realize how important it is to help other people in the community and try to make a difference. To receive a scholarship based on my volunteering is special. I’m really grateful for that.”

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Volunteering Enables Fiorella to Give Back and Share Her Passions

Recent Nutley High School graduate Fiorella Rivera has been awarded the first-ever LoCurcio Scholarship from Nutley Family Service Bureau (NFSB). Named for the LoCurcio family, who have been actively involved with NFSB for decades, the $1,000 scholarship will be awarded annually to one student who has volunteered at NFSB.

“One thing I love about volunteering is that it’s related to so many other things I enjoy,” Fiorella said. “I was first introduced to NFSB when I started gardening with Giving Garden and we donated fresh vegetables and herbs to The Pantry. I’ve always loved cooking from the time my dad showed me how to make rice when I was little, so I started my own garden. With so many vegetables in my backyard, I’ve been able to try recipes from different cultures.”

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How to Identify the Risk of Suicide and What You Can Do to Help

On July 16, the 988 Suicide and Crisis Hotline was made available to all landline and cell phone users as mandated by the federal government. The goal is to reduce the number of negative outcomes by filling gaps in mental health crisis care.

“People experiencing a crisis or any mental health-related stress were going without the support they needed,” said Kelly Rivadeneyra, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) at Nutley Family Service Bureau (NFSB). “Many were asking for help without a response or any knowledge about available resources. 988 makes professional help and resources just as easy to access as emergency services through 911.”

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NFSB receives Inclusive Healthy Communities grant to Support Nutley Residents with Disabilities

Nutley Family Service Bureau (NFSB) was recently awarded an Inclusive Healthy Communities grant for $60,000 from the New Jersey Division of Disability Services. This funding will support a Blueprint for Building an Inclusive & Healthier Nutley Township. NFSB was one of just 12 new recipients of this grant in the State of New Jersey.

Through a collaborative effort with the Township of Nutley, Nutley Public Schools, and Nutley Senior Manor, which offers affordable housing, NFSB will conduct an inclusive community assessment (ICA) for Nutley Township to identify disparities, barriers, and resistance that prevent full community participation by residents living with disabilities. The findings will be disseminated to inform what in the community or broader system, if strengthened or changed, could make meaningful, sustainable change for residents with disabilities.

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Why Emilie Gives to the Community

After graduating from Nutley High School, Emilie attended Rutgers University – Newark before moving to Berkeley College, where she earned associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in business administration. While pursuing her associate’s degree, Emilie first joined NFSB as an intern.

“I started as an administrative intern in the mental health office, receiving phone calls and making client appointments,” Emilie said. “I immediately started falling in love with the work being done and all the people here. It meant a lot to me knowing that every time someone called, I was their first connection on a way to better wellness.”

Emilie’s next internship focused on development. She worked closely with NFSB Executive Director Katherine Carmichael to manage special events and donor relations. This evolved into an expanded role creating and coordinating engaging content for social media, website management, and the development of printed materials.

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The Garden Party was a Great Success!

View Images from the Garden Party
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