Tell Governor Cooper to take action to protect agricultural workers during COVID-19
North Carolina’s field and food processing workers face many barriers to accessing essential services, especially during times of emergency. Agricultural workers are particularly vulnerable in times like these because of isolation, language barriers, lack of transportation, and lack of connection to services in the community.

NFWM invites you to join the North Carolina Farmworker Advocacy Network in signing a petition to Governor Cooper to take critical action in support of one of our state’s most vulnerable and essential workforces – agricultural workers, so that these workers can be safe and continue to provide the necessary food and agricultural products on which our communities and state economy depends.

  • Provide migrant farm workers with access to healthcare services and other resources.
  • Ensure migrant agricultural workers are not put at risk in their employer-provided housing.
  • Ensure agricultural workers are able to protect themselves from exposure while working.
  • Protect workers who get sick from retaliation
  • Ensure H-2A farm workers are able to enroll in the ACA, ensure Spanish interpretation for health information, and provide adequate PPE for healthcare workers serving agricultural workers. 

The agricultural community is one that is often overlooked and excluded from protections, so making sure their needs are considered in our state’s emergency planning is critical

By listing your organization, you agree to have your organization identified on this petition that will be shared with Governor Cooper. You can also sign as an individual.

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