NGI Update

Welcome to the first issue of the NGI newsletter. We are proud to announce the latest developments for the Stanford Natural Gas Initiative since our inauguration in February 2015.

First, Brad Ritts joined us in August as the Managing Director of NGI.  Brad earned a Ph.D. In Geological and Environmental Sciences from Stanford and has held a variety of positions in academia and the oil industry, most recently managing Chevron’s Asia-Pacific new ventures activities in Singapore. In addition, Tisha Schuller is working part time for NGI as a Strategic Advisor following her tenure as President and CEO of the Colorado Oil and Gas Association. 

Second, on the basis of a competitive peer review process, we are now supporting ten research projects on wide variety of topics. This research is being led by faculty from across the University. About $1M is committed to these projects in the next year.

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Stanford Natural Gas Initiative research grants total $1.3 million
New awards fund range of projects from improved detection of gas leaks to conversion of natural gas into liquid fuels, and climate-related policy studies.

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Ongoing Research by NGI Faculty
Stanford study proves pipeline replacement programs are effective
Replacing older natural gas pipelines reduces leaks and improves consumer safety.
Oklahoma earthquakes linked to oil and gas wastewater disposal wells, say Stanford researchers
A new Stanford study finds that the recent spike in triggered earthquakes in Oklahoma is primarily due to the injection of wastewater produced during oil production – but not from fracking.
Natural gas and the energy transition explored at Stanford Natural Gas Initiative’s inaugural symposium
Can the surge of U.S. natural gas be managed in a way that benefits the environment, the economy, human health and even peace? Will the United States export the technologies behind that surge or just sell the world its natural gas?

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Upcoming Events
Planning underway for Stanford Natural Gas Initiative workshops
The Stanford Natural Gas Initiative will host an ongoing workshop series designed to address specific topics related to natural gas. Planning for the first two workshops: “New technologies for making liquids from natural gas” and “Leak detection and quantification: stopping methane leakage at a global scale” has begun. Attendance at these workshops, which will be held at Stanford during 2016, is available to NGI industrial affiliate members.  
Next Affiliates Meeting Scheduled for March 1 and 2, 2016
Our next Affiliates Meeting has been scheduled for March 1 and 2, 2016. More details will be announced soon. NGI members meet once a year to discuss the state of the program and learn more about the research being supported by the Initiative.
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