NGI Update

We had a busy and productive winter quarter at Stanford. Below we highlight some of NGI's accomplishments during the first three months of 2016.

2016 NGI Request for Proposals
This call for proposals from the Stanford Natural Gas Initiative is open to Stanford faculty performing new research in any aspect of natural gas development, use, policy, markets or impacts. Expected funding for each proposed project is up to $100,000 per year.                
2016 Affiliates Meeting
More than 90 members, guests, and speakers attended the NGI Annual Affiliates Meeting on March 1st and 2nd, 2016.  During these two days current research on the topics of methane leakage, natural gas conversion to liquid fuels, natural gas economics and policy, and hydraulic fracturing were presented.    
NGI Moderated Panels at Vail Global Energy Forum
Watch the panels on "Innovative Technologies and Efficiencies in the Upstream Energy Sector", and "The Age of Natural Gas Downstream", p resented at the 2016 Vail Global Energy Forum and moderated by NGI Director, Mark Zoback, and Precourt Institute for Energy Co-Director, Sally Benson.
Ongoing Research by NGI Faculty
Comparing natural gas leakage detection technologies using an open-source "virtual gas field" simulator

The Fugitive Emissions Abatement Simulation Testbed (FEAST) allows users to estimate the costs and benefits of various methane leak detection and repair (LDAR) programs.  FEAST simulates a virtual gas field, in which leaks are created over time using a random process supported by empirical leak datasets.  The model then simulates the application of various LDAR technologies against this virtual gas field, determining which leaks will be fixed and repaired using a given technology.

|See Paper|

Water Use and Management in the Bakken Shale Oil Play in North Dakota

Oil and natural gas development in the Bakken shale play of North Dakota has grown substantially since 2008. This study provides a comprehensive overview and analysis of water quantity and management impacts from this development.   |See Paper|

Tired of the Climate Wars? Me Too 
Our Strategic Advisor, Tisha Schuller, writes about how to get activists at both ends of the spectrum past their suspicion and anger about each other.
Upcoming Events
First Stanford Natural Gas Initiative Workshop Announced
The Stanford Natural Gas Initiative will host an ongoing workshop series designed to address specific topics related to natural gas. The first workshop: “ From methane to liquid fuels and beyond: opportunities and challenges for a natural gas-powered future" has been scheduled for September 14, 2016. Attendance at this workshop, which will be held at Stanford, is available to NGI industrial affiliate members.  
Next Affiliates Meeting Scheduled for October 12, 2016
Our next Affiliates Meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, October 12, 2016. More details will be announced soon. NGI members will have the chance to present their research interests and priorities for NGI.


New Business Models and Technologies to Reduce Energy Poverty with Natural Gas, a collaboration of the Stanford Global Development and Poverty Initiative and the Stanford Natural Gas Initiative 

The Natural Gas Initiative has begun planning for a major international symposium on natural gas and energy poverty. The goals of the symposium are to identify: (1) new business models for bringing natural gas resources to bear on energy poverty; (2) new technological developments that could enable use of natural gas in energy-poor regions at a variety of scales; (3) regions in the developing world that would benefit most from new use of natural gas resources. Attendance at this workshop, which will take place in Spring 2017, is available to NGI industrial affiliate members. Any organizations that are interested in this topic and that would like to have a role in the symposium are encouraged to contact NGI Managing Director Brad Ritts.                                                                         [ See flyer]
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