NGI Update

2016 was a great year for the Natural Gas Initiative, from new research to several sucessful events, we have achieved a great deal. Below we highlight some of NGI's accomplishments during the last few months.

New Research Funded by NGI
The Natural Gas Initiative awarded a third round of seed funding to Stanford researchers for work in 2017, including new grants on membrane technologies for gas separation, modeling fracturing fluids, MEMS gas detectors, and statistical learning in shale gas reservoir development. In addition, NGI began funding sustained focus area research programs in four areas: (1) natural gas leak detection and emissions reduction, (2) methane conversion, (3) global gas markets, pricing, and governance, (4) improving recovery from shale gas reservoirs.
Successful Fall Meetings and Workshops
NGI convened a series of events in recent months at Stanford on a number of topics central to natural gas. With participation from members of industry and the Stanford community, the events showcased new research funded by NGI and promoted broad discussion on Natural Gas. | See More|
Natural Gas Briefs
The Stanford Natural Gas Initiative launched its Natural Gas Brief series, a periodic publication that addresses issues related to natural gas technology, markets, science, and policy. Written for a general audience and presenting a different topic each issue, these briefs will bring you information and analysis on the issues involved from top Stanford researchers. Brief #1 is available on the NGI website and upcoming briefs on natural gas leak detection, gas hydrates, and methane conversion will be released in the new year. | See Brief|

Ongoing Research by NGI Faculty
Stanford study finds that ‘super emitters’ are responsible for more than half of U.S. methane emissions

A new study finds that just a few natural gas wells account for more than half of the total volume of leaked methane gas in the United States. Fixing leaks at those top emitters could significantly reduce leaks of methane, a potent greenhouse gas. |See More|

Upcoming Events


Reducing Energy Poverty with Natural Gas: Changing Political, Business, and Technology Paradigms

The Stanford Natural Gas Initiative will host an international symposium titled "Reducing Energy Poverty with Natural Gas: Changing Political, Business, and Technology Paradigms  This  by-invitation-only  symposium will convene Stanford experts and external leaders to explore ways that natural gas can most effectively be used to address energy poverty around the world.  The symposium will take place on May 9th - 10th. | See More |      

2017 Affiliates Meeting and Workshops Scheduled for November 6-10
NGI will host two technical workshops and the annual industrial affiliates meeting at Stanford during the week of November 6, 2017 – please save the date! We tentatively plan for a two-day affiliates meeting on November 8th and 9th and workshops on November 7th and 10th. One workshop will convene experts to discuss improving recovery factors from shale gas reservoirs and the second workshop will likely focus on conversion of methane to liquid fuels and other chemicals. | See More |
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